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By red
Roadrunner71 wrote:
Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:50 pm
I have wondered for a very long Time why Hang-Glider designers have never designed a FLEX - WING that was both a Topless design, and also a Bottomless Wing? I presume that the main objection to a Fully Cantilevered Flex wing would be weight. How about it? does anyone have the answer that I am seeking?
Think about it: A Flex - Wing Sans rigging that need to be moved through the Air.

Is this your glider? 8)

It is cantilevered, it has struts, no top wires, no crossbar, and a single surface sail. It was intended to be the next generation of Albatross, the ASG-23. The "super-noseplate" and struts carried all the flying loads nicely. The cost of the "super-noseplate" prevented production.



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