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Yesterday, I brought home a used 2015 4WD Pilot. After selling my Tacoma, I was able to take the same cash and buy a Pilot three years newer and with only 30K miles. "Certified" by Honda, so it still has a 1-year warranty. Now comes the excitement of fabricating a new rack - I love that part!

I'm going to miss my truck on days when I want to haul something big, but my borrow-happy inlaws may miss it even more - hehe!


Charlie Romeo wrote:
Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:33 am
.....one thing though, the steering wheel is on the wrong side :thumbsup:
I'll need to be extra careful with that!

I'm sure the Pilot isn't going to be the perfect HG vehicle, but it's got possibly the best mix of family hauler/HG rig. 4WD, decent clearance (I may add a 2" lift kit) seats up to 8, and easy glider loading height. Now, if I can design and fabricate an easily removable set of racks I'll be in great shape.

Hondas are unquestionably awesome. My parents have had a Pilot for a few years and not long after buying it, were not happy with how BIG it is. And it really sucks down the gas. It's been a super-reliable vehicle of course. RE: racks, I love my Remora for the front. So simple. But I've heard they changed the design to something much floppier (until the wing is tied down in back) to accomodate a wider variety of hoods.
Part of why I chose the Pilot is because of it’s interior size. It’s pretty big for a midsize SUV with plenty of room for my family- or HG buddies.

In terms of MPG, it’s certainly no worse than my Tacoma and probably better.

I’ve already started on the racks. I’ve found good attachment points just below the front bumper and will use the trailer hitch as part of the rear rack support. Most of the support will come from the front and rear, with only one mid span roof rack helping out. I want to be able to haul as many gliders as pilots.

You know, I'm just sitting here at my Desk typing away. My typing by the way is a great form of Physical therapy for my injured left Hand. Just as it is a very, Very, VERY good thing that I also play my Guitar.

O-K o the subject at hand here. i realize that my Flying has hit a all time low. For it will be Eight Years on March Twenty Eight, since I last flew my Predator. But since I am not able to fly now, Well I am not able to take the risk of sustaining a second T-B-I. No, since I did in dead did pound my Predator when I was landing. That fact of mine having pounded makes me now to go flying a Sail Plane.
For now just being able to tag along on f;tying Days has been Great! My friend Mr. R-Moore might just be taking me along on a flying day. Thank You Mr. Moore.

Well I hope to fly someday with each one of you. Good By The Big Guy
Roadrunner71 wrote:
Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:55 pm
I spoke to R-Moore earlier today via the Phone. Well he says that he will be working on the Rack today. He will undoubtedly be doing some welding using his new welder.

How about some Pictures?
You mean photos of my incredibly unprofessional (yet serviceable) welds? :lol: I haven't bothered to take any photos, yet. My family obligations kept me from getting much done on the rack yesterday, but I did get in a fair amount of time on Saturday. I'm hoping to complete it next weekend, and I'll take plenty of photos, then.

Almost all the fun stuff - the design - is done. I'll have a rack capable of supporting 6+ gliders, yet can be mounted/removed in 5 minutes. A challenging exercise, but I really enjoy this aspect of the work. Now, I'm just using the Porta-Band, grinder, and (my latest toy) the welder to put the racks together. Welding is a really valuable skill, and I've wanted to be able to do it for decades. I've known the basics for a long time, but lack the finesse to be good at it. The grinder smoothes out some the of the worst welds, so it will look fairly decent upon casual inspection.

Well, I finished the rack, just in time to fly on Sunday. I hoped to show a photo with it loaded with gliders, but several people bailed and it was just two lonely wings on a big wide rack. So far, both vehicle and racks are terrific. The front rack allows for clear field of vision, and the rear rack lets the hatch open. All three racks can be removed or installed in 5 minutes, so it can convert easily between 'HG' or 'family' hauler.

As you can see from the photo, I even installed a streamer rod on the front, complete with miniature US and Cali flags. :wink:

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Yup, working on my welding skills as well. Purchased a well-used but excellent condition Miller-Matic 251 along with a spool-gun for aluminum welding last year. Mixing Argon and CO2 from both tanks for ferrous stuff, straight Ar for Al stuff. My steel work ain't bad at all, but now I just purchased some 0.25" 5052-H32 plate that will be welded to a cast Aluminum scooter rim. So gotta practice on some scrap cast and plate.
Back to you, Rem....
Excellent rig!
Welding is something I've always wanted to do. Not professionally, but as a way to build or repair. Bolting, nailing, threading - all has limitations that a welder can overcome. Between the welder and my walking foot sewing machine, I can do so much more than before!

I am Friends with R-Moore. And believe this or not. Right now I am back home here in Brentwood. Well, i just hope that Mr. Moore contacts me and tells me: That We are flying tomorrow and do you want to come? I will reply: Heck Yea! You see I will ride Shotgun with the Driver. I joke about my current non Predator Flying State, by calling myself: "The Assistant to the Driver". But I just love to go on a Flying Day with my Friends.

It is all about my making forward steps in my recovery. Granted being: THE ASSISTANT TO THE DRIVER" IS NOT WHAT anyone would call much of a step. But, numerous Baby steps add up to leaps.
Yesterday, I took the Pilot out for its second trip as HG hauler. I'm now certain I can haul 7 gliders, if I'm using the telescoping outriggers as designed.
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