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By Lazypilot
I'm in favor of a glider construction that doesn't require a skilled sailmaker to create. Something I've been alluding to is a design that any handyman with access to conventional power tools could make himself.

I don't want to jump the gun regarding Hg's future, but if trend is a valid indication we can expect that ready-built factory made gliders may someday no longer be the rule. So a glider designed to use covering like we see on homebuilt airplanes might someday be the norm, rather than the exception. A material that can be used with glue and/or tape would free up the designer to create a glider that doesn't need a sewing machine to build would be nice.

We now enjoy a "sport" and it is being supplied by sporting goods manufacturers. There is a good possibility that this won't always be the case, especially if our numbers decrease to a level that can't support factories. I believe that it will take awhile to reach that point, if we ever do.

A material that is relatively inexpensive, requiring only average handyman skill to use, can either be replaced every season or three, or just be protected from the elements with paint. As things now stand, we need a skilled sailmaker to recover a glider. Using some alternate construction tech would open up 103 gliding to a wider population, there's a lot of conventional aircraft pilots that would give it a go if they didn't have to learn a whole new way of flying.

I don't care to build a "Goat". I want a smaller glider that can be folded up for transport. I don't think we have to have hinged control surfaces with cables and pulleys or pushrods. I'm open to torque tubes that can double as a spar, although I believe we can accomplish good control by just literally "twisting" the airframe.

There's such a huge difference between Goat style and flex wing Hg style of construction. There really oughta be a middle ground between sail gliders and conventional ones, maybe the term "hybrid" will spur creative thinking here.

This is why I'm not publishing any particular planform. Sure, I have concepts in mind, but I just want to plant some seeds and see what come up, most of those reading this are much more capable than me insofar as the design and construction of a glider is concerned. I just think some minds could make good use of fuel for thought, encouragement to think outside of the damn box.

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