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By entelin
I have a baofeng uv-5r, which has worked pretty well, and being 30$ or so is a great deal. However even when lock is activated various buttons are not locked, for example the button to toggle to fm, push to talk, and volume all still work. I keep it in my front pocket on my harness, with a wire running to my helmet where the speakers are, and a cord to the PTT on my finger.

The setup has worked well, but sometimes the volume will get changed, or the onboard PTT will get held down, etc, not fun when that happens.

Anyone know of a handheld radio that can be set and fully locked so it won't change on me in flight?


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By red
entelin wrote:
Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:18 am
However even when lock is activated various buttons are not locked, for example the button to toggle to fm, push to talk, and volume all still work. Thanks

FWIW, I have had that problem with various gadgets. I bend a metal ring (or box) to surround the active button, using wire thick enough to prevent any accidental push of the button. Baling wire is usually the right thickness, but sometimes it's just a thin coat hanger, or a heavy paper clip. Chop the end off a toothpick to make the epoxy tool; just dot the epoxy into place on the unit, all around the button. Set the wire neatly into place around the button. I recommend JB-Weld, which is permanent stuff. Once the 12-hour epoxy sets for half an hour, you can use an Exacto knife (or any fine sharp blade) to carve the epoxy into a smooth seamless look, and chip off any stray dots of epoxy. Practice first, if the finished look matters to you.
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By remmoore
My Yaesu radio is "fully lockable" but if the buttons are depressed they still make an annoying tone. This would happen inside the pocket as it pressed against the pocket walls while I was flying.

I made a simple clear acrylic box which surrounds the radio and keeps buttons from being depressed. I cut a block of wood to the dimensions of my radio, then used my heat gun to form the acrylic around the wood block - no glue or extra fuss. I've got a hole cut in the box's side, which alloys me to press the Power button, but it's done a great job in getting rid of the beeps and boops in my headset. I've been using it for several years, now, and it's still a time-tested solution.

By blindrodie
Yepper, Yeasu is the HG standard if you want to spend the money (inexpensive really) For a tough versatile "lockable" HAM radio.

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By remmoore
I know this thread isn't specifically about radio quality, but I'm a big Yaesu fan, and wouldn't use a Baofeng as my harness radio. I'm not going to jeopardize my XC flight communication on a $40 radio. I bought a Baofeng as a handheld to be used by my driver when he's out of the vehicle. The quality of the radio seems shabby, but I'm not too worried if it falls apart in that scenario.

In my 25 years of HG, I've only owned two harness radios - both were Yaesu. I would probably still own the first one, but I dropped it on a rock and broke the screen. My current Yaesu, the FT-11R was made in 1993 and is still going strong!

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