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By Love2Glide
I'd be very interested in an affordable ADS-B solution for free flight. Getting hit by a Southwest Airlines 737 over a place like Crestline sure would suck. Let's face it we are really hard to see...so "see and avoid" is probably wishful thinking at best.

There are several ADS-B transponders out there that have been developed for drones and experimental aircraft. It looks like unit costs would still be relatively high for the hang gliding world at $1000-$2000...but the costs have come down significantly in the last several years.

So, what would you pay to have ADS-B on your wing? Is it legal for a Part 103 aircraft to have a transponder? Could this be integrated into a flight instrument?

Here's a few examples from one company:



Or one could just rely on "big sky theory", which is what I currently do.
By dbhyslop
I'm curious about this, too. Part 103 doesn't address it at all. ADS-B hardware is very simple from a technical standpoint and there are lots of GA pilots who've built their own ADS-B in systems with parts from Amazon. I've seen people say they would be able to add ADS-B out easily enough but are worried about regulatory hassle. If someone were to do the homework about the legal aspects I'd definitely be willing to experiment with building one this winter.
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By NMERider
Love2Glide wrote:
Tue Oct 03, 2017 4:01 pm
....Let's face it we are really hard to see...so "see and avoid" is probably wishful thinking at best....
Tony, See & Avoid is OUR responsibility and not the airline's duty. It's our responsibility to see the incoming airliner or other non-FAR 103 traffic and get out of the way. Just because there's an H over a glider symbol on an FAA sectional chart doesn't mean we are entitled to any special accommodation. Too many hang/para glider pilots just don't seem very clear on this concept.

Just about everything anyone wants to know about ADS-B rules: https://www.faa.gov/nextgen/programs/adsb/faq/
The rules are silent regarding free-flight with the exception of requiring an N-number to use ADS-B Out. We don't have N-numbers and we may not be able to get one. The place to inquire about using ADS-B Out on a Part 103 ultralight vehicle is here: https://www.faa.gov/nextgen/programs/adsb/contact/

Even assuming we can can have ADS-B Out we still have to get out of everyone else's way with the exception of powered Ultralight Vehicles. We are the one's who need to do the avoiding and it sure helps to see.

I already ordered a uAvionix Ping-USB ADS-B receiver to run with my cell phone running the AVARE app. I should have it some time this month and will hook it up to an unused cell phone and go fly with it and see whether it's something I can use in the air. I have numerous encounters with powered aircraft and I can't always see them coming until they are less than 10 seconds away. Sometimes I don't see them until they pass me. I'd rather know a minute in advance what's coming my way. Hopefully, the AVARE app and Ping-USB does an adequate job.

Cheers, Jonathan
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By miraclepieco
Speaking of the possibility of being hit by a 737 over Crestline:
20070903_Airliner_over_Marshall_from+10k_by_Mitch_McAleer.preview.jpg (36.99 KiB) Viewed 407 times

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