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By Nicos
I remember inspecting the sail and airframe that one time when I received my first glider - just to make sure everything was fine.

Once was enough. This sail seems fine though, a bit of a repair from a wedgie strike on the leading edge but good to go I reckon. I might be interested in selling this on Craigslist for at least $3,000, Airborne Sting 2, in good condition. Good to go.

How often do you do a sail-off inspection?
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By red

It's hard to judge from pix, but it looks somewhat sun-faded on the leading edges. Compare the purple on the top side with the purple that is under the leading edge (which I can not see).

Rub the sail body material between two flat hands; if it feels like fine sandpaper, that says the sail has had a lot of sunlight. Rub the sail stitching in the same way; no stitches should come loose, by that rubbing.

Is the sail body a heavy-weight material, or standard 3.8 oz. Dacron? The manufacturer should be able to tell you for sure. The heavier sailcloth can take more sunlight (UV) than standard sailcloth, and still be safe.

I admit, that long tear in the leading edge worries me. I realize that the colored material is just a sail pocket for the Mylar sheet, and the real sail strength comes from the white material under it, but still . . .
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By Nicos
Well, the leading edge was basically open though to the mylar insert beneath disintegrating gaff tape... the pilot who was flying the wing back in the day said the eagle came in with only a single talon out, made a neat 1 metre cut, and flew away - the glider immediately spiralled out of control, no deployment due to powerlines below - pilot flew it into the ground with grace. And while the dacron mylar laminate looks a little delaminated, the underlying material at the nose is visibly perishing into bits... the sail is dead, burn the sail!!!

Thing is, I only noticed when I pulled it out for a visiting pilot while inspecting the sail on the hill. So that day I didn't fly, but my friend enjoyed his flight. I was mortified that I almost let that wing fly.

If anyone needs some hard-to-get Sting 2 parts, do let me know :)

Goodbye old friend, we shared some good times :)
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By red
Nicos wrote:
Fri Sep 15, 2017 7:39 pm
the sail is dead, burn the sail!!! . . . If anyone needs some hard-to-get Sting 2 parts, do let me know :) Goodbye old friend, we shared some good times :)

Always sad to hear that, but I respect your judgment.

You might want to go the other way there, and try to locate a sail that is much younger (in UV hours). Sometimes, I have even found a fine deal from the manufacturer or a dealer, who may be holding a sail which they did not sell yet. Just a thought for you.
By blindrodie
AWESOME! The first wing I ever owned. Had to get battans made for it. Never got to fly it. Took it back and forth from college on top of my 71 VW Bug!


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