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By WhackityWhack
For the last couple years, every time I fly for more than about fifteen minutes, after I land, I have a dull headache behind my eyes. I've asked around my area and nobody else is experiencing this. Does anyone else get them? Not asking for medical advice here. Just wondering if I am the only Lucky HG pilot to experience this.

BTW, I don't get headaches when I fly in other aircraft.
By blindrodie
Could it be that you are using your eyes in a different way, maybe straining them to see your vario or something? Good luck on finding the solution to this problem...

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By red
WhackityWhack wrote:
Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:09 am
For the last couple years, every time I fly for more than about fifteen minutes, after I land, I have a dull headache behind my eyes.

Try hanging in your harness for twenty minutes, fully prone and relaxed, in the garage. (Bring a book, tunes, TV, phone, or whatever passes the time easily for you.) If that test causes a headache, then later, with no headache, try lying on the bed in flying position, with your head over the side of the bed.

It is possible that the harness is causing the problem. If both tests give you a headache, this is not normal. Get your blood pressure checked. Some supermarket pharmacies or big-box pharmacies can help for free, so call around. If it's a medical problem, there may be a reasonable fix available. Best wishes.
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By thermalfinder
Could be adrenaline, stress. I like the hanging in the garage, or under a tree or kids swing idea.
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By kukailimoku2
If you're flying in the same general area, is there something you might be allergic to that might affect your sinuses. When the corn was tassling in NY I could almost thermal based solely on my eyes getting scratchy and my nose starting to run.
By dustin
I can answer this question. I rarely wake up with a diffuse pain behind my eye socket that is too painful to sleep. Turns out it is because of, or at least eliminated by active release of, the semispinalis capitis muscle at its origin at the base of the skull. Happens when I use too thick of a pillow or simply get into a position that lengthens that muscle to the point that it responds with excessive and constant tone, just like when you hold your neck in extension. The headache is a very annoying, hard to quite put your finger on, pain behind the eye ball. Some upper back exercises like foundation training and semi regular visits to an A.R.T. practitioner will end the problem. Can't just get away with doing them once or twice, it probably needs to be a regular thing.
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By DAVE 858
Its a neck muscle strain, kinda like a tention head ache. I get it as well after flying for more than an hour or so. I also find it gets worse if i am not hydrated well. For me, I have found that massaging the areas behind my ear & at the base of the back of my head helps relieve the symptoms.
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Your pen-name is WhackityWhack... and you can't seem to figure out why you have headaches after flying?

Hmmmm..... I wonder what it could be..... #facepalm :roflcat: :chair:
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By PhillSt
I often have headaches after flights but more in my temples. I connect it with pressure and neck neurology :( . Should practice yoga more often I think :)
By 426 Hemi
[I once flew u[ to 17,000 Feet one Day I flew sans oxygen. I experienced no Headaches. I fully realize that even though I experienced no Headaches while flying up there that Day in the Sierras I most likely did not do my Brain any good that Day/\. I am shure that I experienced some Damage to my Brain due to limiting the amount of oxygen to my Brain.
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By WhackityWhack
Well, after several more flights with the typical after-flight headache, I've decided it is somehow sinus related. My wife reminded me that I used to complain of the same thing after longer scuba dives. I think the horizontal position combined with pressure changes must start doing something in my sinuses. Oh well, I guess I'll just give up the sport and leave all my gear in the LZ next time I fly. I think stamp collecting sounds exciting.
By blindrodie
Well heck now it's time to try some OTC allergy meds. I find that some work on my nose and some on my eyes and my wife has the same issue with her sinuses. Try 'em all.....but NOT at the same time! :wink:

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By red
blindrodie wrote:
Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:09 pm
Well heck now it's time to try some OTC allergy meds. I find that some work on my nose and some on my eyes and my wife has the same issue with her sinuses. Try 'em all.....but NOT at the same time! :wink: 8)

I can second that advice. Nasal sprays (decongestants, anti-histamines, or a plain saline spray) may also help. As the Blindman says, some OTCs are long-lasting, so do not overlap a second product before the first one has done what it can.
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By WhackityWhack
Red and BlindRoadie,
I haven't tried that yet but I think that actually sounds plausible. I know Sudafed makes you drowsy so that's out but the saline spray or some Claritin maybe??? I'll try them both. I also suppose that buzzing through the air at 20+ mph, shoving raw outside air up my nose may also be contributing to an allergy of some kind. Thanks.
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By kukailimoku2
Benadril was my weapon of choice for fall flying on the east coast when the corn was tassling. Never an issue with goofiness like Sudafed (at least no more goofy than I already was).
By aeroexperiments999
Do you wear some sort of glasses when you fly? Does your helmet press against the frames in any way? It can happen.

By 426 Hemi
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