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By NMERider
Jason wrote:
NMERider wrote:
Jason wrote:

thats only true up to 45 degrees, once you exceed 45 degrees the diffrence in tip speeds starts to decrease, by the time you get to 70-80 degrees the difference is nearly 0.
Isn't >45° just a little bit beyond most relevant soaring conditions?
NMERider wrote: The tightest measure climbing turn I have ever done in my T2C 144 were 58' in diameter at an estimated 70° bank angle and at ~44mph. Sadly, the shorter projected wing spans and slower thermalling speeds of modern comp PGs allows then to get better established in most cores and they climb right through me as if I were pole-sitting. But I live and fly in a high pressure environment which makes for some very skinny thermals.
also your math doesn't add up
58 foot diameter=29 foot radius, 44mph=65 fps
a=v^2/r, for a lateral accelration of 4.5 gees

70 degrees of bank produces 2.92 felt gees and 2.75 lateral gees.

for the math to work you'd have to be around 78 degrees- for a felt gee load of 4.8 gees

i don't have the video of it now, but i remember flying the G103 and i obviously wasn't at 90, but it sure felt that way, maybe 70-75, with the stick fully back in my lap and going up with the vario pegged.

sometimes the steeper you bank the faster you climb
I was inside an extremely tight bullet thermal with cascading edges. In other words the air was neither liner nor was it level. The so-call math ignores the reality of the conditions that result in such a climb.

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