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By Brad Kushner
I have a near-mint condition CG-1000 or CG-2000 for sale. All blue. Fits a pilot about 5'10" to 6'1" and roughly 175 lbs. I can be reached at 2629zero38800 for more info, details, and photos.

Blue skies,

Brad Kushner, Pres.
Raven Hang Gliding, Inc.
P. O. Box 101
Whitewater, WI 53190

(262) 473-8800 office
(262) 903-8800 cell

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By psilyguy
norcal1970 wrote:Thanks everyone for the great feedback. I have decided on the Woody Valley Flex 2. Eventually I want to migrate to a CG1000, I did speak with Jordan and she is great and provided some great insight as well.
I think you'll be happy! Let us know how you like it. :thumbsup:
By SpyderMike
Just bought my first harness, a CG-1000. From order to ship date was one month. Should be here any day. I can't wait. Jordan was great to work with.
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By PrizmP
Lucky_Chevy you really seem to be highlighting the negatives of single suspension harnesses and that's really helpful for someone like me also looking for a first harness. I'm seriously considering the CG-1000 and read a lot about here and elsewehre and I do have a few questions/comments that pops to my mind when reading some of your comments:
A single suspension harness will not go as upright as other harness types.
Did you try the CG-1000? Almost all comments I read about this particular single suspension harness is that it's very easy to put in the upright position. Maybe not as much as standard suspension harness but that would probably give a better position for finals (with legs behind), which is great for new pilots.
Single suspension harnesses are more fragile and can fail in new and exciting ways.
Could you develop? Examples?
Oh, backplate harnesses are also heavier. I fly a Woody Valley Tennax. It is one of the lighter single suspension harnesses at 30lbs. Some go over 40lbs.
According to their website shipping weight is around 15 lbs. Does a Z5 weight less than that?
It's a bit tougher to run in a single suspension harness when foot launching.

It's tougher to access gear in flight.
Again, why? Could you explain?

Thank you!
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By Lucky_Chevy
When a pilot goes upright with a standard harness he sinks into his leg staps and the harness scrunches up a bit to allow the pilot to get more upright. There is no scrunch with a backplate harness and it's not possible to sink very far into your leg loops because of the rigidness of the backplate. Single suspension harnesses also require some type of slider mechanism or the wouldn't get upright at all. The slider gets the pilot more upright but also hangs him lower in the control frame, giving him less flare authority.

I didn't get a chance to try a CG1000. When I ordered my harness Jordan was building harnesses part time and was not actively pursuing new orders. Several friends have flown them and gave them decent reviews. The cg1000 is an older design but is fairly sleek. I believe it has a tubular aluminum backplate but I could be mistaken here.

I have checked my Tenax as baggage a few times. The backplate was broken that way ($500 replacement). I would think that was a fluke except a fellow pilot shared that the exact same thing happened to him. Also, pay attention to how the reserve is connected to the harness. Make sure you are still connected if the slider totally fails.

My Z5 weighed about 20 lbs or approximately10 lbs less than my Tenax. That is with a Lara gold parachute in both.

It's a bit more difficult to run in a single suspension harness because they are so rigid. The backplate keeps you very upright for your run (not a bad thing) and the boot has more of a tendacy to hit your feet.

Since the main advantage is a reduction in drag there are not as many external pockets on many single point harnesses. My Z-5 had a lot of compartments I could access in flight. I could easily access my radio, camera, landing streamers, granola bars, etc. harnesses like the Rotor, Matrix, and Tenax have fewer external compartment. There is plenty of storage but it may not be accessible in flight.

Like I said, wanting one is reason enough to get one. They can be flown safely and are the preferred equipment for XC and comp pilots. A lot depends on the type of flying you plan on doing. Single point harnesses are very comfortable but have some serious tradeoffs. I wouldn't recommend them to a new pilot. Why complicate thing when you are new to the sport? If you get one be sure to fly a few times in mild conditions to figure out the flare timing.

Fly safe,
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By Marcos70
I think I already commented here on this thread, but Ill say it again. I have flown the Z5 tenax cg1000 and the CG1000 was hands-down the easiest to land. Very comfortable too. it defaluts to a very upright position and only goes head down when to push the pedal. It has a completely different design than the plate harnesses. I fly a tenax now and I like it too, but it is not as easy to land, but it is nicer in other ways, but much more $$$
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By remmoore
Lucky_Chevy wrote:There is no scrunch with a backplate harness and it's not possible to sink very far into your leg loops because of the rigidness of the backplate.

I wouldn't recommend them to a new pilot. Why complicate thing when you are new to the sport? If you get one be sure to fly a few times in mild conditions to figure out the flare timing.
Having only flown single-suspension harnesses for my entire flying life, with the first several on a CG-1000, I'll only disagree a little. :wink:

The trick to getting more upright in backplate harnesses is to have the legloops just loose enough to get your torso more upright than the backplate - without sinking farther down than necessary. It's easy to make the adjustments until satisfied.

As a virtual newb (I bought my CG-1000 after my 3rd lesson) I can't say I had much problem launching/flying/landing in it. I remember seeing peers fiddling with their multi-lines, and being quite pleased that I didn't have those worries.

Personally, I wouldn't have any concerns with a new pilot flying with a CG-1000. It's like the "trainer" backplate harness, with most of the benefits of more sophisticated models, but without most of the complications.

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By flyzguy
Mine scared the crap out of me - post #15

http://www.hanggliding.org/viewtopic.ph ... sc&start=0#

Since the incident I tried flying it more and more (2.5 hrs+) - and found that I would get really uncomfortable in the sternum - like tender to the touch the day after. After playing with lots of padding options and prodding with things in flight I've figured out that its just my rib cage being squeezed. I'm 6'4" and while the cloth is custom the support frame aluminum tubing is one size fits all. The aluminum frame is much more narrow than my chest, so it squeezes. I noticed this a little on my first flights because of the increased difficulty breathing. Minor, but noticeable. I'm not sure what I can do with that going forward.

I've also had the zipper blow out a few times on me, preventing me from getting comfortable for a long flight. This happened once in competition which sucked. I've since switched out the zipper and its been ok for 3 flights so far.

for flying at the coast or where you will be looking out/around a lot, your body will be in a position that makes it harder to lift your head than a soft harness. This is because in the soft harnesses you can create a mild banana shape so that you are naturally arced up a bit. In a backplate harness this is impossible, so pilots I've talked to (rotor, covert) plus my own experience is that we all prefer our cocoons at the coast.

I don't like hanging lower on the control frame on takeoff - this increases the distance the hang glider has to lift off your shoulders before your hang straps are tight and you have weight shift authority. That's true for all backplates. And yes, landing is harder because you are less upright and your hands are lower on the control frame. Control on approach is enhanced for the same reason, however.

So for me, if I could go back and time and not order my CG-1000 I would. Its been a huge amount of time and money and grief dealing with the failed back plate, failed zipper, comfort tuning (still not figured out), and less margin on landing/launch.

If you are a "middle of the bell curve" type of pilot (weight/height) a harness you can try on, adjust, and hang in for a full hour is gold. You can't do that with a new harness.
By blindrodie
I Rep'd the CG 1000 for a few years and still own one (made by Jordan's Dad). When she took over I asked her if I could still Rep them and she told me no, I didn't sell enough to qualify! HA, in this industry and where I live there are only about 5 active HG pilots BUT I do have access to the Oklahoma crew. Not good enough for Jordan, as if it would cost her anything. Pretty sad story and pretty disrespectful to her father. When she started out she was pretty gung-ho. That fire faded pretty fast... YMMV

By FlyingWolfe
Waste of $1,300. Sent back twice in two months to have it fixed and she said the fraying fabric and seam issues were normal and actually accused me of ‘sabotaging my harness’-Great customer service.
Boot seams were separating, shoulder seam opened the third flight, eyelet for chute pin fell out, fabric wasnt heat sealed after being cut and was fraying everywhere and jammed my boot zip, leg loop stitches werent back-stitched and were coming undone from the body, had to be helped out by fellow pilots with pliers the last flight because the side zipper jammed. Long story short I threw the harness into a bonfire after maybe 20 flights. I have emails from her saying ‘this isnt my job, I dont care if anyone ever orders these things again.’ after confronting her multiple times. Her dad took pride in his work.. she ruined it.
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By Wonder Boy
Lucky_Chevy wrote:
Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:48 pm
Oh, backplate harnesses are also heavier. I fly a Woody Valley Tennax. It is one of the lighter single suspension harnesses at 30lbs. Some go over 40lbs.
Holy crap! Those are heavy! My new Rotor Havana S is 18.4 lbs
Were those weights with all your flying gear in it?
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By miraclepieco
From perusing the Fly Center of Gravity Facebook page, as of Christmastime it appears they were still manufacturing the harnesses, and judging by these photos, doing a spectacular job. The pics below were dated Dec. 29, 2017.

I must admit to being a little offended however when I cancelled an order well in advance, yet Jordan declined to refund my deposit. It would have been the ethical and professional thing to do - ignoring my request was not.
26169274_2042163895810514_6673478720580026561_n.jpg (85 KiB) Viewed 1152 times
26167998_2042163899143847_5463083768693783821_n.jpg (89.11 KiB) Viewed 1152 times
26113950_2042164212477149_395480698800643923_n.jpg (96.8 KiB) Viewed 1152 times
25994699_2042163849143852_998294966134152124_n.jpg (75.92 KiB) Viewed 1152 times
Slightly off-topic but in reference to earlier comments about harness weight ...
I have a Tenax 3 that weighs in at 18-19 lbs. This includes the parachute but not other pads, gear or carrying bag.
Most comfortable harness I have owned and easy to get semi-upright for landing.
By FlyingWolfe
I got a Tenax 3 after the CheeZee 1000 bs too. Shouldve done that in the first place. Light, super comfortable, and the craftsmanship and attention to detail with WoodyValley is amazing. And the harness actually unzips and doesnt fall apart when you fly so thats an upgrade in itself.
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By miraclepieco
Remember this quote you posted on another subject Wolfie?
FlyingWolfe wrote: Throwing an umbrella over the entire sport of hang gliding due to the bad experiences you had in your area is like having a lemon Tacoma and saying the entire Toyota brand is s---, just because your car sucked.

As this thread proves, many hundreds of pilots have been ecstatic with their CG1000 harnesses - me especially, and I've owned four. Just because you got a bad one, don't "...say the entire brand is s----"

And given your penchant for over-reaction (throwing harnesses in bonfires) your conflict with Jordan is starting to sound like more of a personal issue to me.
MyRomanticAdventures_n49_p08_cr (Small).jpg
MyRomanticAdventures_n49_p08_cr (Small).jpg (69.95 KiB) Viewed 1058 times
By FlyingWolfe
I shouldve clarified, theres four pilots just at my flight park alone that had the same problems with her (within the last few years), and ive spoken with over a dozen elsewhere the last year or so that had zippers blow out, harnesses not fit and she blames them, wouldnt give deposits back when people changed their minds before she even started them. When I reached out to Paul Voight asking if hed fix it when she wouldnt, he stated he wont even touch them anymore. So yes, she has an umbrella. At least in the Northeast. That and her boyfriend admitted to ‘making most of my harness’ which may explain things.

Some people love them, and thats fine. Theres that quote ‘you could be the biggest, juiciest peach in the world.. and there will still be someone who hates peaches’- I hate peaches in this instance. Im sure theres people that hate the Tenax 3 harness, all good man. Mine isnt falling apart or jamming whenever i look at it wrong, so Im keen on flying WV and advocate the good quality. I’m putting my cautionary tale in, as the forum asked for feedback on them. Take it as you will (i assume she hasnt made all 4 of yours, her dads harnesses were fantastic, no question there) :mrgreen:
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By WingNut323
I had an absolutely awful experience dealing with Fly Center of Gravity. Honestly, I don't even feel like relaying it because I was in a great mood until I started thinking about this situation again.

Unless things have dramatically improved in the last 2 years, RUN, do not walk, in any direction away from this "company."
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