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By Nibs
Hi all, long time.

A friend is getting out of the sport and I'm helping him sell his gear. I thought I'd post this here as a heads up because all this would work well for a new pilot.

Vario is on eBay (No reserve):
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 1361148390

Glider and harness are in the classified ad section. I forgot to mention the harness was built for someone around 6' 165lbs. Glider is an Airborne Sting II XC 154.

Thanks and have a happy holiday.
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By wilburleft
Hi Nibs. I know you haven't been on here for a while. You had an ad for a Combat for sale in the classifieds a while back. Was wondering if it was still for sale. This is Bill in Miami. Email is wilburleft@yahoo.com. Thanks and take care.
By blindrodie
I have 2 Combat's for sale. They are a 12 and a 14 I think. Both have one leading edge broken. I have the outer tube and parts for one and the tube minus some small parts for the other. One needs the base tube and the other does not. $250 plus shipping. These wings are full of life, low time wings. I"ll ship anywhere you can afford with insurance and a cash payment.

Buy both for $400 plus shipping and insurance. I will throw in any parts I have that go with these two wings. Need to get GONE!!

Lemme know...


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