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By red
mgforbes wrote:
Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:00 am
liftlover wrote:Does anyone have a list of 1975-76 ratings issued? I would love to have my old ushga # but I have been told those records were lost.
No, we've got the records all the way back. The trick is finding them. Some of the files are in the long term storage locker. Current and recent members are in the files at the office. We still have the original card file that was used back when the addressing was done by an Addressograph (metal plates, embossed with address, like an old credit card embosser) and we have the cross-reference organized by last name. But that assumes that your cross reference card wasn't mis-filed or lost, unless you know what your member number was. If we can't find the card, and you don't know your number, then finding your file would be a matter of searching many thousands of paper files.

That's better than the last story I was told, that my old records were lost in a fire. Metal plates don't burn. Just like Liftlover, I'd like to have my original member number back, too. It would only be a search through a few early years, and relatively few pilots, at most.

Does "Beth" (or her successor) have an email address at USHPA?

By blindrodie
Beth Van Eaton, Staff Operations Manager beth@ushpa.aero
Erika Klein, Staff Communications Manager erika.klein@ushpa.org
Galen Anderson, Staff Membership Coordinator galen@ushpa.aero
Chris Webster, Staff Information Services Manager tech@ushpa.org

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By joefaust
Richard Miller instructed hang glidng in at least mid-1960s.
Volmer Jensen instructed hang gliding in 1941.
Waldo Waterman instructed hang gliding in circa 1911.
Otto Lilienthal instructed hang gliding in the 1800s.

Instructors are invited to start their file at fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org
I was signed off by an observer, I never had an official instructor.

I'm not sure of the year but I still have my 1975 card. This may have been the year I was signed off but it could have been earlier. Here is the information on my 1975 card:

Observer name on my card is: W Liebscher.
I'm signed as "Intermediate HG" which later became H3.
USHGA # 00007

Here's an interesting historical note: My 1975 card says the rating will expire in 1998.
I didn't remember that!

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