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By oshi
anyone know of famous people who are HG pilots? my daughter is doing a little presentation at school and would like to feature some cool celebs if there are any who fly.

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By dievhart
Gina Lynn
sorry, I just couldn't resist

(Edit: she might have grabbed that bar once or twice, so she is kind of like a pilot)
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By oshi
lol, don't think the 6th graders would like that, maybe the teachers.... you know what, now that i think of it maybe the boys would, i know i would
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By Dan Harding
it seems to me that wiliam shattner once flew HG's but don't quote me on that ,, lol,, I might have dreamed it. have you tried a google search?
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By pavel_l
I imagine this presentation
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By jjcote
There was a thread about this a year ago or so. Not really many famous people, though I did find a whole bunch of pilots who have the same names as famous people.
By adi
theres a childrens TV presenter in the UK that flies paragliders ! but that doesnt really count.. he's not exactly a celebrity either :)
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By slimchance
Owen Morse


I just want to see him in tights :twisted:
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By jjcote
Claimed he did, anyway. I think he just wanted something interesting to talk about.
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We are all famous :lol:

you should see all the youtube videos of us all here on the Org. :lol:
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By ChattaroyMan
Hard to be famous when most folks' eyes are tied to Earth whilst we're circling overhead. I think we participate in the most fantastic and thrilling sport that - just isn't seen - even though we're quite visible - basically (big colorful gliders, often in plain sight, etc.). It might be kinda neat to get famous (outside of the sport) because of our prowess in the sport. Maybe with better and better technologies it will happen??? For instance, it would be rather interesting if our flights could easily be viewed in HD in real time via our digital video cams - or new ones yet to be developed. I can envision watching a competition replete with knowledgeable and interesting commentary - when watchers could see us in action. I suppose the capabilities are not that far off technologically. Capabilities being light, remotely directed cameras that mount to our gliders that send HD out in high band width instantly.
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By lafe.williams
off topic, UAVs use streaming quality video realtime so the technology is there, in the military space anyway.
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By peanuts
there were many celebrities that flew dangle kites back in the '70's and 80's. nowadays there are so many people riding the coattails of those dudes, and are afraid of loosing their meal ticket, so the contracts now have so many clauses in them that they have to ask their lawyer before they can cross the street.
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By Dan Harding
I am glad we are not famous, can you relate to all of our sites as crowded as funston and torrey pines and the other very popular places. Man, if every tom, doug, and mary was flying I would quit. Look at our hwy. system, good roads, good cars, more than enough laws to make driving safe, but what do we get? drivers that don/t signal, drivers that feel the speed limit doesn't apply to them, or someone in such a hurry that they tail gate you instead of moving to the passing lane and going around. I am happy we are a small community.

sorry about getting :offtopic: its my turn for a quick rant.
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