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By ng
Does anyone know about his longest flight from 14 mile road? I would like to read that story. I am hoping to crack off a long flight there this summer.

By Phoenix
That would be an awesome book, the great Owens Valley Hang Gliding World Record XC Evolution. Plenty of Source material in the old USHGA Magazines.
The gliders, the men, the women, the stories!

Larry Ruled!!! But so many other greats!!!

Wish I didn't have my hands so full right now, it could consume my interest
for years just collecting all that. Maybe a wiki?
By tstog76
I crewed for larry tudor and strom that summer in wyoming. For the town of red desert there wasnt much to do. But we found entertainment in setting mousetraps and watching the mice take the bait. I believe first night we bagged probably 2 dozen mice. Larry is a true mentor not only in flying but in life as well. Miss ya larry
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By Fred Wilson
ng wrote:Does anyone know about his longest flight from 14 mile road story? I am hoping to crack off a long flight there this summer.
308 Miles.
Interview just before the 400 mile record attempt: http://articles.latimes.com/1995-06-14/ ... ng-gliding
Page 2 http://articles.latimes.com/1995-06-14/ ... -gliding/2

The Internet Archives Project recovering Geocities websites has retrieved the old US Sites Records Web Page at:

US Site Records new website can be found at: http://siterecords.blogspot.ca/
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By ng
Thanks, that is what I was looking for.
Wow it said he flew 8 hrs. and was delayed. I wonder what he could have done if he didn't get delayed.

I think it would be really cool to see his elevation track log or talk strategy with him.

August is the best month for 14 mile road in my experience. I am hoping to get some long flights from there this year. Last year was good. 8) Person Bests

Thanks again. :thumbsup:
By tstog76
Do you mind giving me an update to what happened with your experience of 14 mile road? Curious, cause as mentioned I was the Crew, Tow Truck Driver and Offficial Witness to the record. The altitudes and ground speeds they we're witnessing was phenomenal. Luckily I-80 kept me under them most of the way, but some speeding laws may have come into question. This was an experience I will not forget and enjoy reminiscing. And then the delay.......

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