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By Avnav8r

Anybody out there know what has become of former World Record holder Larry Tudor? Does he still fly or did the mothership come back and get 'em?Just curious...

John Stokes

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By DaveB
Alive and well, living near Denver, raising a family but not currently flying

I flew with him many times back in the 70's/ early 80's. One of my most memorable flights was getting to look down on the top of Larry's sail on my way to a new personal best XC record at the time, as he sunk out at Camels, UT in '79

That was the ONLY time I ever saw the top of his sail.

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By Avnav8r
Hey Dave,

Thanks for the update. Maybe one day we will see him in the air again.

John Stokes
By blindrodie
You should also try to see his hang glider that helped him set his famous XC record (first 300 miler?). It's in Elkhart, KS in their sleepy little farm museum
way down in the SW corner of Kansas.

Totally bazaar place to find a HG wing that's for sure, but the town is very proud of it!
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By Avnav8r
Hey Blindrodie,

I seem to recall that Larry actually declared Elkhart as his goal for the day. He did a pretty good job of making it! Anybody else got any Larry Tudor stories?

John Stokes
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By Wingspan34
Larry was in Ellenville, NY once for Wills Wing and was showing me a set of photos of a XC flight he'd done. Before showing me one pict, he explained that just before taking the (next) shot his driver radioed him, excitedly, to look behind him. The next photo he showed me was very clearly a small tornado in the not too far distance (maybe a mile?) and it was also obvious that it was taken from his glider/vantage point. My eyes went like this: :shock: I think Larry went like this: :lol: He explained that it wasn't all that odd to fly in the area of tornados (or perhaps they were just seriously over sized dust devils?).
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By red

There are lots of Larry Tudor stories. :mrgreen:

When he lived in Utah, I'd often give him a ride to the mountain sites. Generally, he'd fly home, usually dozens of miles.
Learned a lot from him, just watching him fly (away). :lol:

You could ask him the next day, how come eleven H4s got drilled yesterday, and Larry flew home again. You already know
what most pilots would be saying, then. This quiet, unassuming guy would just say gently "I was really lucky." He was
definitely "lucky" like that, a lot. 8)
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By Skyhighwoman
That was a declared to goal record.

Larry is certainly one of the sweeetest guy I have ever met.

He even once told me that I made a smart choice landing uphill downwind in the E - LZ. He was impressed I made the decision to that.

He's a skygod but so down to earth. Very easy to talk to.

One year he was at Big Sur. We had a pretty large group. He woke up in the morning or maybe he did not sleep much. He was sleeping under the stars. He was telling me a story with his eyes so wide about how a bobcat came up to him in the middle of the night sniffing him. I think it freaked him out a little. :lol:

Him and another pilot did loops over the LZ. (Aaron ???) The good ole days.

Then years later I ran into at the Craters in Arizona he takes off as smooth as smooth can be. Climbs up disappears for who knows how long then top lands on the crater as smooth as smooth can be.

:mosh: :mosh: :mosh:

There's got to be more... :popcorn:

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By DaveB
The thing I remember most, was how quiet he was about his flights, as one of " the 11 H4's that got drilled " being his wind dummy, (except once, I got lucky :surrender: ) . When we'd head out the next day, we'd have to pry it out of Larry where he'd landed the day before and it was always some almost unbelievable, incredible flight.
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By Avnav8r

A lot of sport superstars could learn humility lessons from Larry. As great as a pilot as he was, he never bragged about himself. If fact, if you didn't know Larry Tudor and were somewhere flying where Larry was, he was so quite that you wouldn't know he was there...until he flew! One person flying today reminds me of Larry with his quite style and superb flying...George Reeves!

John Stokes
By Ariann Tudor
umm.. well hes my dad(: like no joke.
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I gave Larry a fat lip while he was staying at our house... I was maybe 5... so must have been 89-ish?

That's my claim to fame :oops:
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By red
Ariann Tudor wrote:umm.. well hes my dad(: like no joke.

Welcome! Tell Larry that Red says HEY! 8)

Best wishes,

By blindrodie
Hay Ariann!

How do you pronounce that? Are you a daughter or son? Have you seen your Father's wing in Elkhart!

Are you a pilot?

Tell us about yourself!
By Fletcher
Tell your dad the entire HG community says hello and we miss you.
I've never met a more humble and talented pilot.
We can never thank Larry enough for whad he's done for Hang Gliding.
Fly High Be Free
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By Spark
Ariann Tudor wrote:umm.. well hes my dad(: like no joke.
Hey, Ariann, please tell Larry that Sparky says hi.

I have an issue of Life Magazine, - December 1986 - Madonna on the cover, with an article about Larry and how he took the author (Carter Coleman) tandem in the Owens valley - that I've been saving for him, if he wants it.

I've attached some scans to this post in case anyone wants to read it. I'm in the photo on page 2.

page2.jpg (293.95 KiB) Viewed 2097 times
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By ChattaroyMan
I flew the south side of POTM one day in a Phoenix Lazor and tried to catch a guy in a Comet flying at the same time (the Comet had been out less than a year at this time). Best I could ever do is catch up to him when he would then promptly get back well above me. This happened about 3 times in my flight that day and I couldn't see how he did it since there just didn't seem to be the lift in the areas he and I were at to do it. When I landed I found out is was Larry Tudor. After learning that I figured that I really never did get up to where he was. He was likely coming down to where I was to try and show me the way up.

And, speaking of Larry Tudor. When he made his 300+ miler he was in the air with another Larry - Larry Strom. Strom was/is from Spokane, WA. If I remember right Tudor flew 305 miles and Strom flew 304. I do not know if he still lives here (Spokane) or not or whether he still flies. I live just north of Spokane in Chattaroy. I found a photo of Strom online flying Tekoa in 93 but haven't found much else (I'm at work right now and my access to the Web is limited - surprised that hg.org is not blocked!). Just found this YouTube video www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mtl4JIo_Yo with Strom's name associated with it but can't view it due to our firewall).
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By ridgerunner
I was Larry's roommate in '85, back when he was still a UP dealer. It was about this time that the UP GlideZilla came out. Anyhoo, one fine summer day Larry took me up to Camel's for a demo flight on a brand new red and white GZ-155 - (complete with its standard speed-rail! - remember those?) The day was June 23, 1985, it was strong SW flow and we got off around 2:40 pm. Being the consummate salesman that he was (and probably still is), Larry proceeded to guide me all the way up the Wasatch Front in the abundant ridge lift that kept us above 12000 most of the way. What a demo flight! I fell off at Willard that day for 88.3 miles which is/was the second longest flight off Camel's. But Larry made it all the way to Idaho for a Camel's site record of approximately 140 miles (we never did measure the exact distance). This Camel's site record still stands to this day and I'm pretty sure this was Larry's longest flight ever in Utah (so far!).

Needless to say, I bought the glider!
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By Avnav8r
Hey Ariann,

Tell your Dad to take you hang gliding, that way he might start flying again!

John Stokes

By Ariann Tudor
well.. no i dont hanglide/: my dad doesnt take us. haha. but we hav about 7 long white things in my backyard.. i think they r to hold hangliders. im trying to convince my dad along with my mom to take us hangliding. i was going to go hangliding in brasil but i had to 16 to fly.

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