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By CSquared
Just a quick introduction - my name is Chris and I'm a new HG pilot. My initials are CC, so CSquared. I'm not sure what's taken me so long to try gliders! I've been an a/c pilot since the 80's, dabbled in sailplanes a bit, skydiving quite a lot, back to planes, and now I'm here. I'm still working on my H1, but I've got my first four gliders already picked out, colors and all...funny what over-researching does to you. I live in CO, which can be a frustrating place to learn to fly! Scooter tows are fun, but I really look forward to the day when I can fly the sites here, and other places. Baby steps! Other than aviation, I love fly fishing, riding my Africa Twin, and taking pictures. Travel too, but I do so much of that for work, I don't travel for fun much. There's a cool mix of folks here, and you've all been a big help while I was in lurk-mode. Thanks!

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By miraclepieco
Welcome. As you may have already discovered, hang gliding is the most birdlike form of flying. Enjoy your adventure in the skies.
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By blindrodie
Welcome and keep us posted on your flying progression. So you live in Colorado and it's a frustrating place to learn? How so?
Not enough mountains to jump off!? :twisted:

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By Windlord
Keep us posted. Winter here in the Rockies is pretty much a wait and see scenario.
Up here in NW Montana, we're in deep hibernation. While in the winter holding pattern,
learn and study your training material when you can. Good luck! :thumbsup:
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By Rick M
Welcome Chris. I learned to fly from Mark (I assume you learning from Mark) in Colorado back in '93. Colorado is a tough place to learn since the weather (more the wind) rarely cooperates. The good news is that once you get your H-2 from Mark, you are practically a H-3 by every one else's standards. That's needed to be ready to safely fly our mountain sites.

Join the local club (http://rmhpa.org), get on the WhatsApp groups, and when the mountains become flyable later in the Spring, come out and see what's waiting for you (and earn points driving :thumbsup: ).
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By CSquared
Thx, everyone! Yep, I'm training with Mark, which has been fantastic. I'm the same screen name on RMHPA and the Oz Report. I'll check on the WhatsApp groups.
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By jj colorado
Hi Chris,

Form what I've seen you have been getting a good amount of scotter towing in with Mark this winter. That is great.

Don't get too obsessed with wings (we always say that, yet every new HG does). Just fly and have fun. We'll get you out into the Rockies this Spring or Summer.


BTW Rick, Chris is another Jepp alumni.
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By entelin
jj colorado wrote:
Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:33 pm
Don't get too obsessed with wings (we always say that, yet every new HG does).
Seconded. Each glider has something to teach, fly the hell out of each one until & if you can honestly say the wing is holding you back from what you want to be doing. Otherwise performance is only going to hurt you, moving up the performance ladder wont help teach you to climb. The main thing for new pilots is to just fly every chance you get, even if it's not soarable, go out and get a sled run, do some pattern tows, practice spot landings, practice slow flight & stalls at altitude on a calm day, whatever, anything to keep and build on your currency and experience. Getting to a skill level where you can reliably stay up in most conditions is hard, there's a lot to learn, and when that great soaring day comes along you'll want to be as sharp as you can be to take full advantage of it, as those first hour+ long soaring flights are extremely valuable.
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By CSquared
Mark has a great selection of gliders for his students - I'm on an Alpha210 right now, which suits my current experience level just fine. I'm happy to use his wings until he feels I'm ready to buy my own. I just like having my own stuff, and it's fun researching and messing around with the color pickers.

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