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Well Guys, I have a Date set up with Jonathan's friend Zack Kaplan to check-out and then hopefully buy a New set of wheels for this Busted up PredATOR PILOT. i can not express to you Gus how good it makes this Busted-up Predator Pilot to know that I will be once again to be mobile!

I want to extend a big thanks to all of you for voicing your advice regarding what type of Bike that I get. Also, I really want to say to each of you; You guys kind words of encouragement have ment so much to me Thanks: Chris McKeon.

Congrats Chris and I hope to see you at Dockweiler someday.

We will have our annual anniversary (48) of hang gliding "Otto Lilienthal" meet in late May, at Dockweiler Beach, CA. It would be great if you could join us there. We get a great group of legendary "HG old timers" each year. Dave Cronk may be back again.

I cannot believe that I am excited about going to Alameda next Thursday in order to check out Three wheeled trikes. But I know this is a small step forward. Well i know that for any of you getting a Trike in order to move yourselves around . Would be as far as regarding your being able to: "Move Your-Selves around. This would be a major step backward. But for me this will be part of my regaining my Individuality. Yes: I will be a Man of: "Personal capabel movement"
Well Jonathan and everyone else. Tomorrow I will be heading to Alameda with my Sister in order to check out Trikes. Yes I Will be Meeting with Zack Caplan. This could very well end up being a Positive move in my Direction. I sure do hope that it turns out to be the Case.
Well Today my Sister Drove Me to Alameda where I met up with my Brother John. Then all three of us headed over to Zack Caplan 's bicycle Shop . Well Zack soon had me checked out for Zack to ride with me on a little Test ride. Zack and I only rode for about Six-Blocks. But our little test Ride went Great! I really truly did enjoy myself . These Tadpole Bicycles are just so Darn Fun!

I'm going to have my own Recumbent Tadpole. You Guys really do not have any idea how Cool itr is for me to be able to ride a Recumbent Bicycle. As far aS MY ide went: I swear my Sister enjoyed my little Three Wheeled Jout more than I did. What she said to Me after Zack and I returned to the Bicycle Shop after our My Test-Hop was just so Cool for me to hear. Kathleen said to Me: "You just just rode down the Street. You turned left, and you were gone" Hearing my Sister say this was just so bloody cool - !
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