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Hi all!

In my search for foreign hang gliding websites and forums, I noticed Google translate is not such a good friend as I hoped when it comes down to translating the words: "Hang Gliding" and "Hang Glider".

It would be handy maybe, for other pilots travelling around the Globe, to be able to search on local websites to get information / connecting with people, regarding hang gliding in the specific country.

I will start with what I know and will add all your suggestions in this post (and please correct my mistakes! :thumbsup: ). Thanks a million in advance!

Hang Gliding = "Deltavliegen"
Hang Glider = "Deltavleugel"

Hang Gliding = "Drachenfliegen"
Hang Glider = "Drachen" / "Hängegleiter" ?

Hang Gliding = "Делтапланеризъм"
Hang Glider = "делтапланер"

Hang Gliding =
Hang Glider = "deltaplane" ?

Hang Gliding = "Deltaplano"
Hang Glider = "Deltaplano" ?

Hang Gliding = "Αιωροπτερισμού"
Hang Glider = ?

Hang Gliding = "Ala Delta"
Hang Glider = "Ala Delta" ?

Hang Gliding = "Asa Delta"
Hang Glider = "Asa Delta"?

Hang Gliding = "Cometismo"
Hang Glider = ?

Hang Gliding = "Deltafliegen / Delta fliegen"
Hang Glider = ?

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