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Hi all!

In my search for foreign hang gliding websites and forums, I noticed Google translate is not such a good friend as I hoped when it comes down to translating the words: "Hang Gliding" and "Hang Glider".

It would be handy maybe, for other pilots travelling around the Globe, to be able to search on local websites to get information / connecting with people, regarding hang gliding in the specific country.

I will start with what I know and will add all your suggestions in this post (and please correct my mistakes! :thumbsup: ). Thanks a million in advance!

Hang Gliding = "Deltavliegen"
Hang Glider = "Deltavleugel"

Hang Gliding = "Drachenfliegen"
Hang Glider = "Drachen" / "Hängegleiter" ?

Hang Gliding = "Делтапланеризъм"
Hang Glider = "делтапланер"

Hang Gliding =
Hang Glider = "deltaplane" ?

Hang Gliding = "Deltaplano"
Hang Glider = "Deltaplano" ?

Hang Gliding = "Αιωροπτερισμού"
Hang Glider = ?

Hang Gliding = "Ala Delta"
Hang Glider = "Ala Delta" ?

Hang Gliding = "Asa Delta"
Hang Glider = "Asa Delta"?

Hang Gliding = "Cometismo"
Hang Glider = ?

Hang Gliding = "Deltafliegen / Delta fliegen"
Hang Glider = ?

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There is no such thing as Colombian :P perhaps in Colombia we call the hang glider "cometa" and the sport "cometismo" but it's grammatically incorrect because the proper name for it in Spanish, which is what we speak in Colombia, is "ala delta", both for the glider and for the sport.

In Dutch, deltavleugel is per sé not incorrect but also not used. Hang gliding is nowadays called "deltavliegen" but it used to be called "zeilvliegen" and the wing is called "deltavlieger" but before it was called "zeilvlieger".
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