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Hi guys,

Not sure if I am allowed to post this request on the biggest HG forum in the world, but I am giving it a shot :)

At the moment I am living in Bulgaria and our Hang Gliding community is very small. So I am trying to find (without much success so far) second hand Hang Glider websites/ forums outside of Bulgaria for me to buy my next glider.
To be more precise: Macedonian, Romanian, Greek ore Serbian websites/forums where people post there gliders for sale.

Google translate is one of my greatest friends, but finding the sites themselves is pretty hard so far.

Hopefully you guys can help me out?

Thanks! :)


Post that request at the Facebook page Oldie Hängegleiter Drachenflieger Drachenfliegen / Vintage Hang Glider. Collectors will have resources for older wings.
In Romania there is not much of a market, unfortunately. I have an old (1987) LaMouette glider I fly there when I visit, however I am hoping to send another, better wing sometime soon.
The Romanian hang gliding community has a Facebook page, I have seen some gliders for sale there...Hanggliding Romania
I know in Bulgaria Oggy Ougrinov is a good contact, he might have some ideas for you.
Happy flights!
The markets are probably pretty much same in most countries here in central Europe. I am from the Czech Republic and there's only few gliders up for sale in both Czech and Slovakia

Your best bet would be to find something on German's DHV (Both Germany and Austria) and have someone pick it up for you or you can just join buying new HG with flying trip to the Alps. I think most of the gliders in here were bought through DHV, hehe. https://www.dhv.de/db3/gebrauchtmarkt/anzeigen?rubrik=2

Good luck
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