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Guys, I know that my writing about flying probably sounds pretty weak,. THis talking about flying from this Broken down Predator Pilot. WEll. it is true that I took a Hit that almost totally ended my ever having a chance to Fly. Well there is more than one way to Skin a Cat. I have two Two-Seat Sailplane Flights done. I am checking out R-C'S. Pretty much anything that Fly's I am game to Fly it. I totally hate to say that I will probably will never Fly My Beloved Predator 158 ever again. Man I love that Glider. If I never Fly my Predator again, this is a really Sad thought. Q-What a Glider that Wing is! WEll maybe there will be a Grobe SailPlane in my Loft someday. Or another make of SailPlane for me in my Future. What can I say? I'm hooked!

O-K Guys, maybe I will see some of you at Cloud-Base. Good By. Chris McKeon

Hi Guys:

Well this morning I am about to do the exercises that were shown to me by my New Physical Therapist. Then I very well might play my Guitar.

THERAPY: I have received numerous devices that use for being able to increase my ongoing my level of Physical Therapy. I have also discovered activities such as my Typing, Playing my S-G. Playing my S-G. I find that my Recovery can be judged by me using my far as a device in which that I can use my Ears to "HEAR MY RECOVERY"

I justy must keep a positive attitude. I need to work, Work, WORK!
I am waiting on that guitar video. We have all taken a hit. just not as severe as yours. Your body may be broken, I can
tell your spirit is not.
Thanks Pilot:

Guts, I really want to send out a BIG - Guy Thank you, all of You for giving me these warm comments. I REALLY MEAN THIS: Thanks Guys!

Good ZBy THe-Phoenix-Guy in the Sky. Note I used go by The-Big-Guy-In-The-Sky! Well now that I am weighing 181 pounds, at the Height of Six Foot Three. I realy no longer fit the Profile so as to Be Called The Big - Guy - In -The -Sky.
Good By Guys Chris McKeon

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