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By airpig
I really like the look of the xwings hero harness and was seriously contemplating ordering one in the near future, but being in Australia it's impossible to see one in the flesh. Just wanted to get some feedback on what to expect if anyone on here has flown one or seen one up close. Even if it's not the Hero version and it's one of their other harness's, it would be interesting to get people's thoughts on the quality of workmanship and how comfortable they are to fly in and any issues they may have

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By miraclepieco
Wow, it sure looks like a super clean, well-made harness. And in the Facebook video the pilot is able to get quite upright for landing. Being made in Brazil, it's probably no coincidence that it has many similarities to the Rotor.
By MatheusBrazil
I am thinking about get one of that HERO harness! Buuut I dont know know if it is comfortable and good in performance, I just know the design is the strong point... Some people says that the havana rotor is one of the bests and does not pay the risk to get another!
I search in the internet and I cant find anything about that, so if anyone can help I would be very grateful!
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By remmoore
A flying buddy of mine is the US distributor for these harnesses, and I've gotten a good look at them. They seem well-built and modern, incorporating most of the very latest components one sees in harnesses from the larger manufacturers. He and I are very differently sized, so I haven't flown one, but it looks very sleek in the air.

I'll let him know about this topic, and he'll likely respond.


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