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I want to apologize to you guys for going on, and on regarding my Brain Dead comments that I have put up on this Web-Site. ut you need to know that am here at my Home, and I have so little access to being able to even to be around Hang Gliding. That I feel like a Heroin addict who is in search of Her, or His next Shot of their all important of that juice that alivres their cravings. Hell to alleviate my the Pain that I feel from not being able to fly my Predator I have begun to make the Lateral move into Sailplane Flying. Yes I did say: "The Lateral move into Sailplane flying". So please do not judge me. Do not look down on me for flying Sailplanes after flying my: PREDATOR! The Way I see it if an Aircraft is able to be Flown by me, then I am game to Fly it. Then again there is one Aircraft that I could fly. Heck, I could fly a Paraglider Today. That is if I had just unde gone an operation to have the required Larger Testicles that I would have to have that are required of a male Pilot in order to fly a Paraglider. As to Women: I really do not know what they need to have more of, or larger Body Parts in order to simply have the raw nerve and the Guts in order to fly a Paraglider. Hell, I already said what a large percentage of you already know. The average female's Brain is a better Brain than their male Brains Counterparts Brain.

O-K, I have gone on long enough here. Time for me to get down onto my Floor-Mat in my Living Room and do the exercises that my P-T Lori showed me how to do. For I am a Predator Pilot on the Mend.

Good By Chris McKeon.

PS: If anyone wants to talk with me feel free to call me 925-497-1059

By blindrodie
Hang in there Chris. Some folks don't understand your situation but many DO! You can rant all you want as far as I'm concerned. At least you are alive to rant and dream of flight another day...

Jim aka blindrodie

It's just like a high-wind penetration deal, my friend.

When you can't go forward, crab off sideways, to get to your safe place. Nobody can fault you for the "lateral" sailplane decision, I mean , hey, it's still flying, and it's still soaring. You just ended up with a better (faster) set of wings. 8)

All the best to you.

It is just that even though I should not go on, and on with this subject of my Pounding while I was coming into land while I was flying and thus landing X-C when I was flying my Predator March 28th 2010. I must accept the Fact that i pounded, and get on with going forward. I absolutely appreciate the fact that I am in the process of recovering.For i know that it very well could of been a true insightful comment by my doctor that i had 7 years ago. That: "YOU CAN NOT HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH A POTATO". My Father was talking with me this is after I regained consciousness. My Father said to Me: "When you are Physical able: You need to go beat that Doctors Ass." No I must look that Kaiser Doctor up, and ask him to sit down with me and play a Game of Chess. At least if that Doctor and I played a game of Chess, He would have a chance of winning against me. Regarding my physically going to blows with that Doctor. having no Conscious knowledge of the M<an. I will go out on a limb here and say that; I am willing to predict right here and now that if that doctor and I were To come down to exchanging Blows
. That it would not be a pretty encounter for that M-D.

Well I truly have gone on way to long with my negative ranting. Time for me to do some constructive work regarding my physical recovery. In fact this Ranting about incompetent Doctors that have tended to me. has me regressing mentally.

Yes, I really do hope that My next post can be on something that is truly good and positive and good, That would be Flying!

Good By Chris McKeon.

I just feel the desire to tell all of you thanks for your Positive comments that you have extended to me. I really do not feel worthy of your Positive thoughts. Hell , the vast majority of you have never flown with me, nor have most of you have never even met Me. Yes i dam nearly failed my Reality check on March 28th 2010. But I survived. I have a Question for you guys: If one of you were to be {above Me}. this would be a Transitory state that you would be i. While we were both flying in the same Thermal. I am wondering is it just like it would be if you and I were in the same thermal both flying Hang Gliders. Well if I was climbing through you in my Predator. If I was to Climb through you flying a Sailplane. Who would have the right of Way? Me or you?

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