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By FlyingTechGuy
Hey no offense intended. Mine was an innocent observation and meant to be a playful response.

Your response was rude. Please think before you respond

Sorry Dude, Its not like I don't rip on people, I just find "shunning" kind of nasty.
I do get the subtle humor there, no big. Maybe theres a better word than STFU,
which was FAR stronger than I meant. :surrender:
It's all cool bro.

We are a pretty small club. Let's stay tight.

By Phoenix
Gottafly8 wrote:No offense "theayeinthesky" but does that medical affliction cause extreme reactions to playful forum banter? (maybe you should calm the f**k down. Just sayin..)
It very well could! Your telling me to calm the F down is an assumption on
your part, that I am not calm. I am simply defending someone else, whose
actions I am well familiar with from personal experience.

I like Margot, for hollywood types, she's alright!
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By Ken.de.Russy
Bob Seagren flew Haleakala Crater solo to the beach. He trained with Larry Newman at my hill in Santa Barbara. Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees flew in the early days until he broke his arm. Geraldo Rivera took hang gliding lessons, John Kennedy flew powered pgs, John Phillip Law the blind angel in Barbarella took pg lessons from me, Noel Gaylor the former CNC of the Pacific and the sixth Director of the National Security Agency from 1969 to 1972 (you saw the Admiral in Whites in news footage welcoming home the POWs from Viet Nam) took hg lessons from me, William Shatner flew hang gliders then powered paragliders, Michael Johnson a successful recording artist best know for Bluer Than Blue had an excellent song called Ridin' in the Sky. He was an active pilot at Lookout I think. Bruce Jenner was training to fly Eipper Ultralights at Ocotillo Wells at the same time as I was training. He was pretty competent. Glen Phillips the lead singer for Toad the Wet Sprocket trained with me to fly bags. Gene Hackman's son Chris trained to fly hang gliders and stayed with it until he was flying the top of Rincon. Both sons of the sister of the Shah of Iran trained with me. Ramin Khatami stayed with it, bought his gear and flew in the mountains. Their Dad was the founder of the Iranian Air Force and experienced in every aircraft in their inventory, died in about 73 towing a Dickenson wing behind a boat. There were rumors he was assassinated. The late King Hussein of Jordan flew paragliders.

I will think of more...................
By SteveKessinger
Jason wrote:
Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:06 am
is that a harrier?
Yes. Jeff Mott (Hang Gliders West) flying off Mt. Tam in the early 1980s.

wes schield wrote:
Wed Sep 14, 2011 5:57 pm
Lois Lane!
Margot Kidder who starred as Lois Lane in the Christopher Reeve Superman movies took hang gliding lessons in 1975. I have a 20 minute clip from, "The American Sportsman," which follows her as she progress's from a sand beach in Los Angeles to her final flight in the Wyoming Rockies. No chute, single surface, very cool.
With Ms. Kidder's recent passing it would be fascinating to find that episode. Her 1981 Rolling Stone interview made it seem like she still flew. https://www.rollingstone.com/movies/fea ... ry-w520298
By cheesehead
I never flew Kagel, but flew a lot with a guy who did fly there a lot. He said there were a couple commercial actors whose TV ads he had seen. He mentioned one sitcom star on a successful show--this was in the late 90's--but I don't remember the guy's name or the name of the show. He was a major character on the show, a father-figure type. Joe Greblo taught most Kagel regulars; he probably taught a few notable people. But I don't think Greblo's on this forum.
By blindrodie
Is that Aaron S? Looked like Ryan V's cocoon setup though... Would LOVE to fly DOG before DIE!!


PS It's so NICE to "Be that guy".
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