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In other news, check out the new home of free-flight as well as the very truncated and growing list of un-ushpa sites on ASC homepage:


Free Flight Facilities Web Site
Billingham Paragliding https://bellinghamparagliding.weebly.com/
Fly Torrey Pines, CA https://www.flytorrey.com/tandem-flights/
Adventure Paragliding, CO http://www.adventureparagliding.com/
Fly Sun Valley, ID http://www.flysunvalley.com
Air Squared Paragliding, WA http://www.airsquaredparagliding.com
Rogue Hang Gliding Club, OR https://www.facebook.com/RogueHangGliding/
Dockweiler Beach, CA http://windsports.com/
Underdog wrote:
Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:57 pm
Simple question,list sites where if you are courteous,follow protocol and experienced (previous hang 4 25 yrs.)you can show up and fly without getting hassled ?

Guess we might call those Free-Flight sites....
Even in California, there are unregulated sites. Don't expect, however, that the locals won't be sizing you up. Just the typical questions, but nobody wants to draw attention to their favorite unregulated site by letting someone with sketchy skills or equipment need a helicopter ride out. I'm not saying that's you - just saying.

cheesehead wrote:
Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:41 pm
But let me add: always contact the locals first. Show them respect & listen to their advice. Then you'll quickly be welcome to fly their sites with them.
Didn't happen that way in the 70's. It became a question of who you knew. If you knew a guy who knew a guy, then maybe you were okay. Maybe.
And their site was always the hardest, most critical site in the world to fly. That's why they had to be so careful about who they'd let fly it.
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