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By SlopeSkimmer
Urs Kellenberger just wrote me on Face Book and said that the Ushpa is also known as (AKA) the FAA. He also thinks the FAA requires insurance for hang gliding.

Here is URS's post;

Urs W Kellenberger Get the right insurance that is USHPA aka FAA approved Mike Jefferson and we wouldn't have a problem with you flying Funston again. Learn to follow protocol and stop being a lazy ass mofo. Others can do it and stop going to Rangers making their and the clubs job more difficult. I wish we didn't have these lawyer and insurance problems but we do. Figure it out and stop being a d---. You're not helping by being an ass. crybaby, cry.

I found this on a government website... "Under federal law, the Secretary of Transportation is responsible for ensuring that commercial air carriers carry liability insurance. However, no such federal requirements exist for GA aircraft owners."

Is this government website wrong?
Are there any GA pilots here that know the answer to these questions?

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By NMERider
SlopeSkimmer wrote:
Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:20 pm
....the right insurance that is USHPA aka FAA approved....
There is no such this as FAA approved insurance for Part 103 ultralight vehicles. The FAA does not recognize USHPA as having any regulatory authority. Davis was correct when he asserted that USHPA is a [liability] insurance company [among other things]. USHPA SOPs, to the best of my recollection do not mandate that anyone carry RRRG insurance in order to fly solo at a USHPA chapter site just as long as pilots have $1 million in liability coverage and have signed the waiver or equivalent. But if giving tandem rides or lessons, it may be a different story IF it's at a USHPA chapter site. There are many flying sites that are uninsured and uncontrolled by USHPA. At those sites I cannot see what difference it makes where an instructor get his insurance so long as they have a valid tandem exemption with the FAA. Urs is no longer an RD as far as I know and this is a matter that needs to be handled by an RD along with the club board. That's the way I understand it but then I avoid getting involved in chapter or club issues unless it threatens my safety or site access.

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