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kukailimoku2 wrote:
Fri Mar 09, 2018 8:27 pm
No chute, no helmet, what could go wrong?
Can't wait 'til the Safety Nazis get ahold of this!

Wolfie and David are way too cool for school. Now let's see "Hang Ten" Wolfie do this at a beach site, and come skimming in over the water and catch a wave to the beach.

Seriously, this is the best hang gliding video I've ever seen, bar none. Wolfie is a man after my own heart.

I remember back in the early days of the Crestline Soaring Society when we were flying without helmets, and the CSS made it a rule that we had to wear one. So Mike Johnson and Kenny Westfall and myself and a few others all came in to the LZ wearing helmets.

On our leg. So they had to rewrite the rule, and now all of us except Mike wear them on our heads.

May the Spirits soar free!
The guy who was in control of Wisconsin's biggest/best aerotow park instituted a FULL FACE helmet requirement. I eventually got one and switch back and forth between it and my half-shell, but I sure as hell didn't buy it from him. The requirement disappeared when he abandoned the place.
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