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https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00UYBPUMI/re ... =UTF8&th=1

This is what I use. It's cheap, and really I haven't had any troubles with it. Audio quality seems fine. I took the plastic thing off the PTT and sewed a velcro strap on instead, soft and convenient. You wind up with some excess cable with any of these ready made solutions, in my case I was able to use small zip ties to tie it all down right under the back of the helmet in a pretty clean way.
I rewired mine to use phone CAT3 connectors, and placed PTT inside of the helmet. Easy to connect disconnect.

Baofeng UV5R let me down a couple of times already. That connector (inside of the radio) is very flimsy. It stops working properly with heavy use (un/plugging it many times). The radio is so cheap that I worked around the problem, and ignore it for now :-)
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