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By Oliver
Hey everybody, I'm a recent H-2 pilot from lookout mountain. My dad's been flyin for 10 years and I only recently got into the sport. I go to hampshire college in amherst massachusetts but I want to fly throughout my school year. Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with the area and Morningside flight park is closed throughout the winter and spring. I also don't have any equipment but want to start acquiring all the knowledge I can about the area.

I'm aware Mt. Holyoke is a pretty good spot for flyin and I would kill to launch off of it one of these days.

Skinner launch is not an easy one, and spring conditions in NE are rough. I'd wait until MFP opens, and start slow. Then you can also go to West Rutland, VT. It's one of the best H2 friendly places in NE to get more mountain flying experience

There is also Brace mountain http://mtbraceclub.com/pilot-info

Meanwhile, you can sign up for VHGA membership if you plan flying in Vermont. http://www.vhga.aero/

Also, Wellfleet Cape Cod launch is open until April 15th. Good place to get some airtime, if weather allows it http://www.omnistep.com/soarcast.php?s=wellfleet

Do you have aerotowing rating? If you do this is another place to fly when season starts - http://www.hangglidenewengland.com/
I second that one.. Spring conditions in New England can get interesting. Also, some of the sites around here are more PG oriented with x-hill landings or teeny-tiny LZs (less H2-friendly), def ask around before you go. MHGC (Mass Hang Gliding Club) has a good forum where people will typically post intentions to fly certain sites up here, you should get in on that to stay in the loop. Good info on it.
There's a chute repack gathering next month and maybe XC awards dinner.. Good way to get acquainted with the local pilots if you're around

Rutland is the prime H2 mountain site here, Morningside also offers good flying off the hill as well as towing. As a H2 you can get your AT rating, which I would recommend. It will open up a lot more flying opportunities in the future when the wind isn't blowing just right, or you don't feel like hiking/driving far for marginal weather predictions. (Everywhere, not just in New England).

And welcome :-o
Hey there New Young Pilot Oliver, this is YUR DAD!!!!

I found the following post on affordable-cape-cod-vacations.com :

Pilots Roost
by: Al Courtines

I'm a former HG pilot. I'm running a private Guest House here on Cape Cod. Feel free to contact me for more info. Cotuitbreeze@comcast.net

Now, you just need a wing and gear that isn't 2 days of driving from Lookout.

I'm on the phone with you now while I post this.. which is why I sound distracted. :)

- Yur Dad
By Oliver
Thank you so much everybody! (and thank you as well dad) I really appreciate all of this info. I think I got a much better understanding of it now.

@MIK I will plan to get that aerotow rating as soon as the money slings by for it. I will be a much happier person with an extra option like that.

@FlyingWolfe I couldn't find the Mass Hang Gliding Forum you are referring to. Would you mind linking it to me? And I would love to attend the chute repack and dinner if it happens. Is there any place I could get more info about that?

@Windlord yeah this weather is pretty nuts but I will excitedly wait.

@chadmay Love you dad

Thanks again you guys, hopefully I will be flying around here soon. :thumbsup:

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