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By dencor
First tried to drag and drop pics from Ipad, no luck. Then downloaded pics from Iphone to windows desktop, still unable to load them to add. I'm not very tech savvy, but I'm sure I'm doing something wrong that can be easily remedied. HELP!!
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By sg
Drag/Drop isnt supported really well by all browers.

Try clicking the button instead to bring up your normal file browser.
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By sg
Drag/drop works for me in chrome.

I would try clicking the button instead of using drag/drop in chrome.

Drag/drop can be iffy depending on what device you are using, etc
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By sg
jpg files definitely work. Is the .JPG all upper case? That may be throwing it off.

Try renaming using lower case letters on the extension.
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By sg
There is something magical about your jpg's LOL

Wont work for me. Renaming wont work.

I can load them into photoshop.

After I re-exported them, they work fine though. Emailed you the working versions. :thumbsup:
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That was cool to watch, thanks a lot!

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