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By sg
Switched back to the NARROW AD format.... BUT.... now this screws up mobile. Its too wide now.

Thus the SQUARE AD format I tried originally. Catch 22.
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By Rick M
I'd love to see the giant left and right margins reduced to zero. It seems to be the trend lately that websites have these giant margins with all the content only taking up the center portion of the screen. I don't like it myself. I have a large screen. I make my browser window wide so I can see a lot of info. So when a site like this (and others) use these giant margins, it defeats the purpose.

It would also be nice to make the HangGliding.Org banner a lot shorter. That's a lot of wasted vertical space. The top of the useful content gets pushed down toward the bottom of the screen.

BTW - the updated font/text color for the body of forum posts is MUCH better. The real black is so much easier to read. Thanks.
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By sg
Keep all the suggestions coming... working on everything.
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By Rick M
Another waste of vertical space. Look at the first screenshot in this thread. There's the breadcrumb bar, then the thread title, the moderator, the search field, then a row of buttons. Each of those are taking up vertical space. Each of those uses very little horizontal space. That is a lot of wasted space, again, pushing the top of the usable content down to the bottom of the screen.

I know it's not trivial, but if all of those components can be rearranged to make better use of the horizontal space and much less vertical space, we might actually be able to see two messages at once on the screen. Especially if those giant margins are removed.
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By sg
"I'd love to see the giant left and right margins reduced to zero. It seems to be the trend lately "

Its the trend in UI design because its superior. Designers realized when reading posts, going too wide makes things very hard to read.
Reading a sentence of text that is super long/wide makes it very difficult for the eyes to track.
Thats why a lot of people read on their phones. The narrow screen makes reading easier.
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By raquo
You asked for honest feedback, so...

Don't like the new color scheme with bland / washed out blues and greens. This doesn't feel like the old hg.org at all.

Don't like the new useless homepage. Previously I would come to HG.org and see the important stuff up front - a list of 15 recent topics or so, which is what I care about 99% of the time. Now I have to click and scroll and click to get to a similar list.

The new design has enormous amounts of unjustified whitespace. Limiting line width is good for readability, but much of the other whitespace has no similar justification. The space feels largely wasted, and I have to scroll more than before.

At the same time, some important, previously visually distinct elements are now more bland or hidden from sight. For example, the avatars are now smaller and shown on the right where you don't typically look. In general when I look new pages I don't get a feeling for its structure, I have to make an effort to parse it.

On the plus side, the site now reads better on mobile.

If I were you I would be watching engagement metrics closely. This feels like a risky change to me.
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By sg
The org is more than just a forum, thus the new home page that contains a summary of stuff on the org... its still not done, but it consists of the latest stuff.... videos, photos, blog posts, maybe the new "whack magazine" im considering, classifieds, etc. I had the latest forum topics on there too, but the plugin that does that looked like crap. Still working on getting the WIKI back so I can port it to Wordpress where updating it will be a LOT EASIER.

If you only want the forum, the easy thing to do is BOOKMARK forum.hanggliding.org, or just go to forum.hanggliding.org instead of www.hanggliding.org

The big thing missing is the summary of LATEST TOPICS at the top of the page. (what the old home page used to).
Still working on that.
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By TomGalvin
sg wrote:
Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:59 pm
Its the trend in UI design because its superior.
In the opinion of some. Good design does not mandate, but instead responds. Browsers adapt. If someone wants narrow text they can make a narrow window. People with presbyopia and other vision impairments can zoom text.

There is a special place in hell with magnifying glasses for web designers who disable zoom on mobile websites.
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By RobertKesselring
I just want to echo what raquo said. I think he hit the main points.
Glad to hear you're working on those. :thumbsup:

I appreciate the tremendous effort that you obviously put into this site, making it a great place to hang out for both information and entertainment. I'm sure many others appreciate it too. Thank you :thumbsup:
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By DMarley
Remember who we are. We are not the typical web surfers who do nothing but surf. We are pilots. Most of us have very good eye sight and eye dexterity. Our eyes have much practice scanning back and forth, up and down.... or they should. We can disseminate and parse through LOTS of information and rapidly changing scenery, most likely much more efficiently than the common surfer, otherwise we would likely not be pilots. Therefor, it is folly for this forum design to blindly follow the industry's standards just because the common couch-potato surfers think it's better.

In my view, I really enjoyed the old .org's layout. If new is better, then fine, but too many people blindly accept the new for it's own sake and not because it is better. In most cases these days, new is in the race to the bottom. The bottom is hard. I don't like the bottom. I like the top. Keep it on top!

But, it is your forum and site. You do all the hard work keeping it working and growing.

Anyway, thank you for your hard work keeping this site going.
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By sg
Ive tightened up the index page at the top a bit.... but not sure this a good idea.

Its 2017 folks, and 50% of this sites traffic is now mobile/tablet based.

The new trend in UI design with all that extra space around stuff is so that mobile and tablet users can TOUCH TO CLICK without requiring them to have crazy accurate dexterity.

So if I want to make HALF of the site users miserable, I can make everything super tight again, but thats probably a really bad idea.
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By raquo
Hey SG, thanks for making a bunch of good changes, especially the list of recent topics on top of the forum page, and avatars on the left.

I miss the functionality to +1/+2/+3 people's posts. I often want to express my appreciation without polluting the thread with thank-you-s after every post...
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By sg
The problem with the +1/+2/+3 system is that too many people abused it and used it as a revenge tactic when they got into a heated argument. Some people would search for all of the other persons posts, and walk down the list and give them a 1 rating.

Thats why most social sites dont allow ratings and only allow a like or 1 up. Negative ratings in any way, end up being abused. Ive had people complain to me about all the negative ratings they got because someone got pissed off and gave them 100 thumbs down in a row. Nothing I can do about that.

So if I bring back a rating system, it will only allow for LIKES or 1 UPs.
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By raquo
Sounds good, what I care about is an ability to upvote people in some non-intrusive way, if it's a LIKE button and you show the number of likes on every post – that works just fine I think.
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