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If you weren't there you missed a great educational experience.

The glider frame simulator added a big element of reality to the chute tossing and tree rescue experience. :thumbsup:

The tree rescue was a new facet of the emergence practices experience. Pilots were hoisted up 8' hook into the glider frame and pulleys and rope were passed up. Next you had to stand in the glider control bar and hook the large main belay pulley biner into your hang strap, next you would hook the belay rope into your harness strap and then unhook your harness biner from the hang strap. Next, you would slide down the control bar slowly letting go and putting your weight on the belay rope. An act of faith! then you were lowered to the floor.

Wayne (the rope and pulley master) arrived late so many missed that demonstration but I would strongly advice everyone to get in on such practice at the next chance. Maybe in the spring or summer.
I will try to put a video together and post it to youtube.

The socializing was great too as pilots and friends from all over the area gathered to eat drink, shared the stories of past flights and dreams of flights to come and generally breaking the winter cabin fever. :goodidea:

On that note I looked at the weather for today and it's a bit strong,35 at 5k, I'm not flying but there is no inversion going to 20,0000' :mrgreen: . Cloud base will be at 5ish but it's may be a harbinger of good stuff to come.

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