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By Roadrunner

i realize that the question I am asking is not a flying question,sor5rry for this. But as many of you already know, my last landing in my Predator did not go so well. Well, I have been upndergoing a recovery process. I am keen on developing my Motor skills. One of the things that I do is I play my Guitar. In fact: right now I am improving myself through typing on my Computer.

O-K MY QUESTION FOR YOU GUYS IS: Does any one have any advice regarding what brand Manual Typewriter that I should consider getting.

Thanks ahead for any thoughts regarding manual Typewriters.

PLEASE NOTE: in the future I will keep my post to subjects such as My most recent flight.

Good By Chris McKeon 925-497-1059

By Roadrunner
ADDENDUM: I am thinking that I would benefit from typing with a Manual Typewriter. I also figure that this being a large pool of people to ask. I mean some of you might even say: "WHY DON'T YOU CHECK OUT THIS BRAND AND MODEL TYPEWRITER '.
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By peanuts
are typewriters still available outside of antique shops?

you have a keyboard in front of you now BG. just need a printer
By Roadrunner
I'm just thinking that using a Manual typewriter would be a benefit to my left hand's Physical recovery. Just like my playing of my Guitars. I play an acoustic, and I also play my Gibson S-G.

I have been finding physical recovery for my hand in areas that I never thought would one Day be incorporated into my Physical recovery. I'm thinking that typing using a manual
typewriter would benefit the usage of the Digits on my left hand.
By Fletcher
Sounds like a great idea for hand therapy
We have a Smith Corona Classic 12 that still works great.
Check Craig's list or pawn shops
I said Pawn not Porn! :owned:
By Fletcher
Yes that's the one
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By Lucky_Chevy
Check out eBay. I learned on an old manual typewriter. They come in full size and portable. The full size is what you are after and they are quite heavy.

Check out some of the brand names like Smith Corona, Underwood, and Olivetti. The older typewriters used an inked cloth ribbon that scrolls between two reals, These tend to dry out over time. Finding new or reconditioned ribbons will be a challenge.

The mechanics of a typewriter are very reliable, so even units that are 100 years old will still function reliably.
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