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Where does hang gliding rank based on other sports you do?

1st (nothing is better than hang gliding!)
2nd (I go mountain biking more often, flying is just a weekend perk)
3rd (I go once every month, but I don't go out of my way to fly)
No votes
4th or lower (I bought my glider 10 years ago and the sail is still crispy!)
No votes

By blindrodie
It is literally like no other non-flying thing one can do...it's living a dream.

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By peanuts
the wording of choices makes it impossible for me to answer. you're a (possibly) smart person, figure it out
By Telepilot
peanuts wrote:the wording of choices makes it impossible for me to answer. you're a (possibly) smart person, figure it out
HA HA HA !!!! I thought the same thing.
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By Nigel Hewitt
Interesting question:
The hang glider seems to be catching up with the scuba rebreather for weeks of holiday invested.
I never thought that would happen.
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By magicpotato
Can't seem to change the poll wording at the moment, but your vote should reflect how much you enjoy flying, and how much effort you would be willing to take to go flying as opposed to taking a hike instead (for example). Consider a day where the flying is about average, nothing that you would go XC in, but fun nonetheless. Would you rather wait for the XC day and ride a bike, or go flying?

This is certainly subjective, and I know everyone loves to fly, but consider also how much effort you put into flying itself.

Hope that gives a bit more guidance to the poll!
By once&future
Interesting you mention mountain biking in the poll. Though Hang Gliding is definitely more "my sport", these days I hit the trails on the bike at least twice as many days as I fly.

Apart from the logistics the issue for me is really effort vs. fun. On a good looking day I'll make the effort and go flying - and it'll be totally worth it. On a typical blah scratch-fest of a day, though, I can have a good time bashing around on the local bike trails with a lot less logistics - and stay in good enough shape to fit into my HG harness as a side benefit.
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By remmoore
I gave up virtually all of my other recreational activities one I got into HG nearly 25 years ago. It doesn't mean I won't go out for an occasional hike or bike ride with my wife, since those activities take less time than an afternoon of flying - and I like staying married! When it comes to recreational choices, however, HG is always number one.

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Hang gliding ruined my life.

You see, I grew up surrounded by hang gliding. My dad owns a shop and school, and is also very involved with our local club as well as USHPA (I believe he's been on the Board longer than any other Board member?)

I started flying with him when I was 4. Flew (and soared) many many places, including Telluride and Valle de Bravo...

By the time I hit puberty I was already flying solo, and had more hours and flight experience (most of it tandem though) than most H3's.

Growing up as I did, and experiencing what I experienced... as my "normal"... how could I *POSSIBLY* ever hold a "real job" and live a happy life? I'm ruined. I'm a addict. Totally hooked... always looking skyward dreaming of my next fix...

No one should do this to themselves! Don't start!!! :surrender: :surrender: :surrender:
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By miraclepieco
When I began flying, all other activities fell by the wayside.
By ksglider
I've been in aviation in some way or another since I was a little kid; my dad had various light planes since I was 6 yrs old.

I got my pilot licence in 1964 and have owned, built, and flown numerous light aircraft including ultralights, gliders, home built aircraft, etc.

Two years ago I took up hang gliding. Flying a hang glider is BY FAR the most fun flying I've EVER done! Every time I take off, it takes my breath away. When I try to explain it to my family and friends (who think I'm nuts, by the way), words fail me. The best I can do is to say "Imagine going out into that field right there, sticking your arms out straight, running and just flying away. It's kind of like that."

It's my main hobby (obsession), though I still windsurf in the summer.

I too am ruined! Nothing will be the same now!

Oh well . . .

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By dbotos
I still go mountain biking or mess around on my skateboard occasionally, but nothing quite compares to hang gliding. It's definitely one of those things that has to be experienced first hand to be appreciated. You can watch videos and look at pictures to get a sense of what it looks like up there, but that feeling of floating through the air and banking into a nice turn is something no picture or video can fully convey. I wish there was a local training hill where pilots could just go and play (and keep launch and landing skills sharp). I need to find a nice landfill hill or an old strip mine to buy and turn it into a hang gliding park and install some kind of motorized glider lift for pulling pilots and their assembled gliders back up to the top...
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By captclem
This is my 44th year of flying. USHPA #1049. My passion for flying is stronger than ever. Still enjoy other hobbies. But none compare to hang gliding. Dave C.

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