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By Fred Wilson
sg wrote:This software SUCKS and IS extremely outdated. I've hated it for a long time.
- The upgrade is going to move the site to one of the hottest new forum software packages out there, its pretty slick
I ± do not think that restricting this selection process to a vote on personality, reputation and long term commitment to the .org should be "our" #1 priority. Perhaps.

We have no clue as to which forum service provider SG has selected to move the .org to.

FYI Only: I am heavily involved with several other intense forums ± focused on WW2 Lost Pilots / Servicemen Lost Records Recovery Research etc.
- ie see: http://lostaircraft.com/ + UK Oriented: http://ww2talk.com/ + Commonwealth Oriented: http://www.ww2f.com/
+ Italy Oriented: http://www.comandosupremo.com/ Luftwaffe Oriented: http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/index.php
+ RAAF Oriented: http://ww2talk.com/f...ualty-database/ ... plus etc etc .........

- Whose new Invision Power etc or etc spiffy forums are so high tech the moderators have to provide written resumes of their phpbb xyz IT Tech Employment History and legalistic references thereof.
-Then and only then, they start tossing in a few odds and sods preferences re the above wish lists etc. Why? You ask?

See as ONE only... "spiffy slick new" example: http://www.invisionpower.com/ + their http://community.invisionpower.com/ + their https://www.invisionpower.com/apps/board/

nuff said fred - aka The Masked Sniveler. :lol:

Bye 3250
Last edited by Fred Wilson on Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:40 pm, edited 2 times in total.

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By Fred Wilson
So I want to conclude with this observation:

I noted one recent new member / new pilot based in Ca USA who joined the .org circa 4 or so months ago and whose
professional employment is with a VERY high tech / monster "Big Name" php Forum Board Service Provider Corporation
and (correct me if I am wrong OK bud?) that he is supervisory level over IT Tech staffing that that does the coding
and repair / upgrading for a rock em sock em huge number of website customers such as us here at the .org.
IMHO: That chap, I suggest, should be #1 on "our" head hunting list here and NOW. :mosh:

nuff said fred - aka The Masked Sniveler. :lol:

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By Fred Wilson
From the SG Fan Club:

Bless your Soul, SG and all those whose paths cross it.

It looks like you have taken a good crack at deleting those abusive Aviation Wiki Quotes.

Heads up - you missed a couple. (There were THAT many...) :punch:

Tip of the hat, SG.
That the "Enter Aviation Quote" Function is still on the honour system.
You still do not feel in your heart that each post has to be approved by you... yet.

Tnx and Bye
nuff sad fred - aka "The Masked Sniveller."
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By sg

You're making a lot of assumptions I need to address.

Mostly.... I DO have the time to moderate to a much higher degree here.
I simply have chosen not to, to let this free speech experiment run its course.

ORG 2.0 will be run like a professional business along with all the implications.

Think about all the blatant childish things that people do on here, and then ask yourself what would happen if they did that in the open in the middle of a starbucks. The manager would throw them out on their ass immediately. There would be zero tolerance for the really atrocious stuff, and only some tolerance for the moderate stuff.

I just hope people dont try calling my bluff. Dont even think about the current org when its time to walk through the door of the new org. Troublemakers will die very quickly on the new org.

Anyone causing a negative experience on org 2.0 will find themselves gone pretty quickly.

The new community that will rise from the ashes of the problem people will be radically different.

I dont need moderators, but will probably assign a few ambassadors to help me keep watch and report flare ups.
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Will the ORG 2.0 have an archive of the topics / threads that are here now or will they be gone?
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By sg
All topic/post content will be migrated.
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By Fred Wilson
The Paraglidingforum routinely merges threads.
When an excellent thread on a subject happens, and someone later starts up an identical inquiry, with some primo new answers, they merge the two.

Something I would like to see here happen a lot! :thumbsup: :mosh:

Fried Ed. <===<-:
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