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eff you for starting this thread Noman3 :cuss:

By endoxon
Well, thats what I call a professional business! :rofl:

Jokes aside:
It's a sad story, just heared a similar one from my country where a shoe brand lost their logo to an american "friend" who does now big business. The original company is in the meantime, a small local business on the edge of survival

Either way, there are no winners in such constellations. Maybe laywers if you involve them.

Appart from all the name issues, Bob Trampenau became a legend in the HG history and is known.
If Seedwings Europe will continue with the good work is uncertain, the new owner has not the best reputation from his previous business.

At least they certified a new model just before christmas, but that might be Manfreds farwell gift to the new owner...
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And eff me for thinking my sorry ass needs to defend Seedwings! :swordfight: :owned:
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By NMERider
FMAN wrote:And eff me for thinking my sorry ass needs to defend Seedwings! :swordfight: :owned:
After all, your name is Eff-Man isn't it? :rofl: :rofl:
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anti-hero bro!
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FYI, I consider Noman3 and Holger friends of mine.
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By Tasi

I don't know you and probably will never do...
I've been following Seedwings related threads here and then out of interest only and I have to say, just wow...

Through this forum, all SW related info has reached a very low level of professionalism and you as well as the image of SW. Please note I have no interest in this, and I don't really care! I fly another manu as that is my choice.

A few pointers, you seem to carry much weight over this situation and certainly in an inappropriate manner. If I were you I'd try to find out ways to revive my business and bring it to a level that it deserves, and I would certainly start from stopping posting nonsense to a forum that the whole world reads.

First change your website. Make it more attractive and more high end with useful info. Make your visitors want a glider from SW.

Leave the name quarrel behind. It;s a thing of the past and it will not benefit you in any way going after it. Spend your resources to your scope of work instead. Make a new one that it will be attractive and unique and suitable for your intended market.

See how other manufacturers do it, take an idea and make your own. Innovate on something that is worth while the attention. Post indisputable research results and attract people. i.e. I give you glide, I give you performance...
Don't forget the market principle. i.e. I do the same as you, only better and cheaper.

Take a few people willing to help you produce gliders on time.

Provide something very competitive in price and performance. Make special deals and prices, even if you have to take a hit on yourself in the beginning .

Find yourself some people to deal for you, and market positively your product.

Overall, start to take action to revive your business and dont waist your energy.
I;m sure everybody would want to see wings from SW in the sky including me and I surely wouldn't mind to own one if I could. . Price competitively and give a product that's equal or better than the rest and have people prove it.

Put a positive image on SW in the world.
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My life depends on my wing when I am flying and I trust Bob.

Die with honor,

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By Tasi

Not sure what to make of the above...
So do others I guess....

Good luck and best for the new year.
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Yeah, I apologize for being cryptic. It's not really the best way to communicate to everyone on the forum.

I'm working on a blog. Don't laugh!

By crambo117
so i have a sensor 510b that was kept very nice, is it still something worth flying or should it get put in the category with other antiquated wings?
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By Stallpolicer
Newer ones are much better. 510 design is more than 30 years old.
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By wonderwind_flyer

I owned several Sensor 510 gliders during that model's prime years and 5-6 years ago I talked with Bob Trampenau about the 510 design. He mentioned that so many advances in glider design and airfoil technology have taken place since the Sensor 510 years that he considered the design to be obsolete.

The 510 also had one of the lowest sweep angles of any manufacturer's models and considering that the glider only used reflex bridles for trailing edge pitch stability ... possible sail shrinkage over the decades may be a concern.

By blindrodie
Ask Bob. He may very well have a "fix" for the 510. Fingers crossed!

By Istvan_Sz
Dusting off this thread a little....
...or shaking the hornets nest....

After owning a Seedwings Space, I happen to buy a factorynew Seedwings EU Crossover XC right when Manfred sold the company to the new owner.
So I have some information that may quite down this VS thing........

The new owner of the Seedwings EU mismanaged the company so bad that the company went bankrupt after 1.5 years.

Seeing this mismanagement, Manfred Bangheri started a new company, called Skypoint.
He dealt with used gliders and service of gliders (mostly Seedwings EU gliders of course).
Me aswell as many others went to him for service with my/their gliders.

When Seedwings EU bankrupted, Skypoint brought all the Seedwings EU models license.
So now, It´s like old time.
Pause segel (sewing the sail for Icaro2000 gliders aswell) is sewing the sail to Seedwings EU gliders (now Skypoint gliders).
Manfred is making the frame of the glider.

So, Seedwings EU is no more, insead we have Skypoint. (So we can rest this VS thing? It´s a new company name now)

You will see pictures of Seedwings EU gliders, but they are used gliders for sale...

Skypoint is also active on the FamousBook....
By blindrodie
I would like to hear BobT chime in on this. Thanks for the update!

By Istvan_Sz
blindrodie wrote:I would like to hear BobT chime in on this. Thanks for the update!


You´re welcome!

But, this is exacly the reason why I updated the thread.......

With this thinking we should ask BobT about his chime on WillsWing T2C aswell......No?

The model license brought by Skypoint:

These models where developed 2000s. Bob have nothing to do with those models. Yes, yes, the "Seedwings" EU name. But that´s it...
What can Bob possibly add to this matter?
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