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Favorite brand of hang glider

La Mouette
Wills Wing
North Wing
Enterprise Wings
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By FBickford
Gold Country

Lake McLure

MLSR :mrgreen:

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By FBickford
:surrender: don't believe everything you hear

I used to post all kinds of stuff on our website. Little did I know, people besides McLure pilots ended up reading crap I wrote. LINKS. My fault. And Davis, sorry for making fun of your butt crack while you were riding around on your bike at the fly-in. Didn't really help anything at all. What goes around comes around. Childish humor has it's place and time. Sorry

We all love hang gliding and drive ourselves to become better. Competing with each other and ourselves constantly is good until the feelings get hurt and people don't want to fly because they don't like someone. For a lot of people this sport is everything and when there is a disruption it's taken as a personal attack and is difficult to cope.

The SOCAL, NORCAL in my opinion has to go too. California isn't that big.
Losing hang gliding sites is the worst because once they're gone it's very hard to get them back. If ever.

buenos suerte
By noman
its no secret,i fly in my opinion the best rag wing out there ,a combat.Over a 15 mile glide with allot of people in tow the bird i was flying out flew them all except that dam atos,i could out climb him but he could out glide me,so it was a tossup.I won 3rd place in the open class that year at king.2001 king mt meet was my 1st and last time i competed so there thats my opinion :shock:
oh ya fbickford wares pink panties :shock:
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By macwerk
HGXC wrote:... represents the most technological breakthroughs. :D :D :D
I woted La Mouette for the same reason :wink:
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By Lobido
FBickford wrote:An 8 year old topless that is in really good shape made by Bob Trampenau himself. He is currently making hang gliders at his shop.
Any chance you might post some pictures?
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By Scare!
Too bad there isn't an "anything BUT Moyes" option.

Yeah, the Predator (and even the TRX) should definitely be in there, and Enterprise Wings. Airwave too.
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By Vrezh
Too bad there isn't an "anything BUT Moyes" option.

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By sg
Added Enterprise Wings, Airwave
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By ascaro
Hi everybody,guys!!!
I'm really glad to be here in this amazing website!!!
Wouldn't you mind if my english will not be always perfect,I hope you'll understand. 8)
I'm an italian pilot,aged 25,from Verona (NE of Italy),and after seven years of paragliding,from twice I'm one of your kind,thanks to my dad!!!
I voted Aeros,for me and my father fly two Combats L. His is the latest version,L 07. Great gliders!!! :mosh:
By noman
welcome to the cult of aeros,and you English is good.I love my glider,its a combat l and my mommy 2. :shock:
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By ascaro
Hey Noman,can I ask you about your HG settings?
My Combat L14 is the standard version (full optionals except the carbon inserts into the airfoil). I do not fly in competition,but I've made some changes,anyhow.
Sprogs two degrees lower than standards,and the final parts of the wings at the latest of three holes.
I'm attached in the middle-hang point.
I'm really happy of my wing... So yours?
By noman
1-sprogs are 2 full turns lower than the factory setting720 degrees
2-washout tubes are 2 full turns lower than the factory setting 720 degrees
3-hang point is all the way forward
4- my bird was made in 2004

By noman
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By ascaro
Mine is 2005,my dad 2007. I was tryin'to have an idea of how Combat owners fly their machines. I also asked this thing at Rich Lovelace (British national pilot),and he told me his settings are not so different from mine,and yours,too.
It seems this gliders have a wide range of safety,if you use your brain. Thanks a lot!!! :thumbsup:
By noman
cool thanks for the info
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By batt0
The Mark4 Norman Yem Yem classic .
Came with a strobe ball,pair of "tight" pants & white leather gloves. oooohhhh! Just incase you " got down" you could" get back up again."
It was "extreem hang gliding" for its day. I don't miss having an afro hair do tho, or the platform shoes. :lol:
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By dfcclown
Perhaps the poll should be WHAT BRAND OF GLIDER DO YOU FLY not WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE as it seems this is a predominantly US site so much more biased in the WW direction and people will always vote what they fly anyway!
Just as pointless as the people arguing about what is the best high performance glider...was I the only one who thought Atilla's letter on Ozreport came off sounding slightly arrogant?
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By ascaro
Where is Attila's letter on OZreport? :|
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