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By Jason
Took a trip to Japan for some scuba diving, and it has not disappointed.

The highlight was the Hammerhead Migration.

Its an open water/bluewater dive in search of Great Hammerheads. We did 5 dives at this location and saw at least one hammerhead on each dive. The goal was to see a school, and finally on the last dive we did, but it was deep. We hover around 45 -60 feet keeping a lookout, and then when given the chance drop quickly. I got into a school of over 100 sharks twice on the last dive. Once at about 110 feet- i couldn't keep up with the school and went back up to conserve air/decrease my nitrogen loading. Then we saw another school, and I dropped to 132 feet to get into the middle of them. They ranged from approximately 2-4 meters long with most around 3-3.5. At that depth it was quite dark, made only worse by cloudy skies, and the gopro- quite frankly doesn't do it justice. At that depth i had very little time, but it's an experience i'll never forget..........enjoy.

We did some more diving and found sea snakes/mantis shrimp/black mantas and some hunting cuttlefish.

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