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By red

I wanna sell this guy some more $80000 drones.

Don't worry none about the dollar conversion rate, either way.

. . . :mrgreen:
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By Love2Glide
Here’s the same story without the WSJ paywall

http://www.cetusnews.com/life/Bold-Eagl ... Ql2sb.html

Surpriseingly $80k is not unrealistic. The differential GPS in some of those little drones is worth $20k by itself. Looks like one of his drones is made by C-Astral in Slovenia. If it were USA made it would be $160k! But still that’s a lot of money for a fairly limited capability.

PS - I don’t mind paying for original content, but the WSJ just recycled someone else’s story. Why would I pay a subscription for that?
By blindrodie
WAY more concerned about injury to the birds...... :?

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By Nicos
They can be REALLY friendly too!

And also VERY scary...

Love them :)
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