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Somebody has to say it...

Dog is my test-pilot.


Interesting project!
Might be a fun build to try to copy. If only I had some training in 3 axis aircraft.

I wonder if similar construction techniques could be used for a tailless delta wing. I think I remember reading somewhere that the B2 is horribly unstable, and umflyable without the computers. Our hanggliders, however, seem to work fine with a very similar shape.
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By dbotos
Using the gas-powered Mosquito as a baseline, its manual says the engine is 12 kW:


Those Turnigy RotoMax 150cc motors are listed as 9.8 kW:

https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-rot ... motor.html

So two of those would be 19.6 kW. Assuming that 9.8 kW is input power and actual output power would be based on some efficiency factor at your operating conditions. So the minimum efficiency to match the Mosquito would be 12/19.6 ≈ 61 % (assuming that the props that you would use on these electric motors also have similar prop efficiency to the one of the Mosquito). Which seems reasonable, although I am far from an electric motor expert.

You'd also have to consider your total weight in batteries versus desired runtime. Current draw would dictate size of the ESCs needed and related wiring (more weight). You'd also need a throttle system compatible with launching and flying a hang glider (bite throttle like Mosquito?). My quess is that the runtime/weight of the batteries is going to pale in comparison to the runtime/weight of gasoline.
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By red
Has anybody seen the ElectraFlyer? (No relation to the old HG outfit of that same name, AFAIK.)


This guy ain't tellin' but I believe that is a Briggs & Stratton pancake motor, on that trike. I think a Lynch pancake motor might do the job, as well. The lithium-ion batteries are the limits, these days, but new and better battery chemistries are getting closer every month. Maybe lighter, as well. Hang tough. :mrgreen: Here we go . . .

https://www.zmescience.com/science/alum ... e-0432654/

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