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By paicolman
Ok, nothing to do with HG, I know, sorry, but it's in the "camp fire", right?

Thing is: We are going again to florida with the family in august, and flying is not an option, so one of the plans is to go with wife and (11+ yo) kids for snorkelling. I know the blue heron bridge is famous for scuba, but question is: can you go there also to do some snorkelling by yourself, without an operator ? I just thought to go there, park the car and jump in the water, but I don't know if there are any restrictions. I know you should look at the tides, due to currents, but maybe someone knows more about this place. Maybe a signalling buoy is necessary also?

thanks for any info...

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By Nigel Hewitt
A web search give a map with a 'snorkel trail' so it looks like you're in luck.
Not quite my forte... No rusty metal.
I'm running the dive club's RIB out this evening to do an 'after work' dive on the SS Waterford about 5 miles off Brighton UK and 33 meters down so this is rather my thing.
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By paicolman
"snorkel trail" was the right keyword, thanks for the tip!
Would love to do some wreck diving again (I'm certified for wreck diving, but somehow scuba in lakes here in switz. does not attract me too much...)
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By mgforbes
You could go flying if you want to. There's the Florida Ridge flight park, due west of Palm Beach about 90 miles.

Miami Hang Gliding is to the south: https://goo.gl/FbPzZ5

Or there's Wallaby Ranch: https://goo.gl/9tPPhn

All of this assumes you can ditch the spouse and kids somewhere they'll enjoy, though I think you'd find that hanging out at Wallaby isn't a bad way to spend a few days for a non-flying family member. And there's all the Orlando-area entertainment nearby.


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