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By waveview
Thanks Nicos, very visually appealing, she can even surf well.
The video includes images near to 5 hang gliding sites at Esperance, Lights Beach, Cape LeGrand National Park, Albany - West Cape Howe, Augusta and Safety Bay.
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By Charlie Romeo
:ditto: Nicos,Western Aust , easily our biggest state. Visited your state Waveview once a loong time ago. Never left Perth and its beaches funny thing is,on the way there from the east it was hundreds of miles of v rough dirt ""highway" with a brand new bitumen road unopenned running parallel to us.After three weeks in Perth ,the highway was openned and smooth cruising back to SA :thumbsup:
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By Nicos
I used to live in Geraldton, wavesailing MASSIVE offshore reef breaks all day, all summer long. Folks from all over the world, hanging with living legends of the sport.

I still remember on the big days taking flight from those huge waves, then being pretty high in-between the peaks... I was pretty lucky at times, but knew many who weren't... pretty serious business.

In those days that 3,000km section was indeed sealed, though I heard many stories of journeys with only dusty corrugations and motion sickness. Who knew I would end up *actually* flying — these days I find hang gliding muuuuuch safer than sailboarding in monster swell. Funny how things work out :)
By Melodie Plata
The waveview is a variety view and attraction for everyone. the wave view on the bottom protion of the offline player changed from one solid view to 3 seperate teacks splitting the vocals, highs and lows.
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