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By Nicos
Such beauty, and no engine outs (yay!) :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
By Comet
Pilot is obviously intimately familiar with the area to be confident there are no powerlines.
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By dayhead
A friend took me for one helluva ride in a Waco UPF-7 biplane about 25 years ago.

We were ferrying the airplane to a shop in Oklahoma where it was to be overhauled, and pick up another plane (a Swift--whole nuther story there!) that was just finished.

My friend was an airshow pilot--He had a ground-level waiver that allowed him to fly inverted low enough to pick up a handkerchief from the runway using a hook on top of the rudder of his Pitts Special.

We were cruising over Northeast Oklahoma, and Doug asked me if I wanted to see what crop dusting was like. Hell yeah!

We went skimming along a big pasture and the tree line kept getting closer. And closer. And closer.

Just when I KNEW we were gonna die for sure I got hit by I think about 4 G's and just as suddenly negative G and we were skimming the tops of the trees.

Then negative again, just for a split second, then another 4 G's positive and we were skimming another field.

We went over a fence, under powerlines, and went straight up a ways then hammerheaded back down and went back the same way we came.

Lord A'Mighty! I still get chills remembering that flight!

I am one lucky guy.

He took me up in his Decathalon and we went straight up, then pushed over to 0 G and he let a tennis ball hover in the cabin, started kicking rudder and bounced the ball back and forth from one window to the other.

That guy could really fly. He watched me hang glide at an airshow, I did some good wangs, He said "I'd like to try that someday".

He never got the chance. Rest In Peace Doug. I'll always miss you.

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