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Three B-2 stealth bombers just passed westbound over Wichita KS-- around 1:03 PM CST Feb 1 2017. I've never seen three together before. They were high, leaving contrails, in loose formation.

Was out walking-- the three contrails together caught my attention-- I immediately noticed that the aircraft were dark in color, not the usual white or silver of commercial airliners-- I happened to have 10x binocs w/ me, which clearly showed the dark triangular shapes of B-2's... usually I also take a camera on my walks but not this time... I wonder where they are going? Appeared to be headed nearly due west.

Wonder if they are bombed up-- a bomb falling on your head would really ruin your day wouldn't it-- or your whole family's day-- or so I'm thinking as I'm out walking on this beautiful winter day...

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By dayhead
Contrails or Chemtrails?
Went up to the high desert for some flying fun, got up hig then got drilled, and then
I landed in the backyard of a guy and while I was breaking down I used the term "contrails", man did he ever set me straight!

I had no idea the government was controlling the weather with chemicals. Ok by me, so long as they improve the thermals to sink ratio.

Some of the "desert rats" go a little stir crazy out there among the cacti, I reckon.
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By aeroexperiments
Yeah, funny things is, by paying close attention to forecasts of incoming weather fronts and to "soundings" from computer models of atmospheric moisture and temperature profiles, you could predict several days in advance when "chemtrails" will start to appear.

For sure, it may be true to some degree that jet contrails inject a significant amount of moisture into the atmosphere.

Yet it's certainly also often true that if you have incoming front that would normally produce say 48 hours of high overcast starting at hour X, and then you add the effects of jet contrails, you'll have the same high overcast just starting a few hours earlier, or a half-day earlier, or something like that, as the jet contrails start to linger and spread out. Eventually you end up with a solid overcast and a naive observer would think that the contrails were the "cause" of the overcast, but that's not really a valid conclusion...

That's just touching on one small aspect of the whole whacky "chemtrail" conspiracy theory....

B-2 contrails often do have a kind of distinctive look to them, something about the buried engines and the airflow around the wing kind of seems to merge the two trails together in a way that's a bit different from what you see with other twin-engined jet aircraft--

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By TjW
As I understand it, that's a design feature. The idea is to mix exhaust with ambient air to reduce the infrared signature
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By DAVE 858
Watch the Nova episode on Global Dimming.

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