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By Windlord
:thumbsup: Is anyone with him or is it a solo trip?
By blindrodie
I know there are others but they are not showing with him.

358 kms and over 7 hours to the time of this post. George Longshore's wife Niki has been there and Ben Herring in classs 5 with an ATOS.

Follow the link and then zoom in on the map in Texas. You might need to use refresh to see his track.

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By blindrodie
Looks like he's just had (or is having) one of the best climbs of the day north of Rock Springs!

Over 2000 meters MSL and with the earth falling away as he goes NNW he's looking really good...

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By davisstraub
All others down.

Yes he had a big climb northwest of Rocksprings.

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By Georgelongshore
Actually my wife's name is Niki not linda
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By Windlord
Looks like he's down at Christoval, TX. 10 hours would be way past my duration threshold. Very nice Jonny. :thumbsup:
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