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By pjwings
I just finished up a truly excellent Team Challenge with the Tennessee Tree Toppers near Chattanooga. I wish I had the capacity to put together a proper report with photos and video. Sadly (or perhaps good for me) I was so engaged in the fun that I didn't bust out my camera to do pictures and only remembered to fire up the GoPro for the first few minutes of my first flight. I did steal a couple of shots from FB.

We flew for 6 days out of 7, 4 of which were task days. I got about 4 hours of soaring time across 5 flights. The good days were tough, but do-able. Pilots scored climbs to over 7k (5k above launch). There was one rain day and one super smooth sled day and one day that was just a bit too windy to do much. The weather for camping and hanging out was just about perfect. Cool nights and warm afternoons. Of course the 2 days prior to the comp and the day after were the best for flying with some pretty epic climbs and abundant lift.

I had Steve Pearson as my team lead. Talk about drinking from a fire hose! Hang waiting was never so good :) Zippy was there, and Jamie Sheldon, Pedro and Maria, the list goes on. The few seminars and sessions we did manage to squeeze in were frikkin amazing! Food was excellent, including a made to order steak dinner on the final night!

I think my favorite part was the last day. The winning team was tailing in maybe third place? The day was soarable, but not easy. Anyway their C pilot (least experienced) was able to get up and almost make it to goal. Not only was he able to have a great first XC flight on a tough day, but his points pushed his team into first place for the win. The team? Zack Attack... no surprise there.

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By ng
That sounds like it was a great time. I've never flown there but would like to someday.
By rdufokker
The top photo was Zac doing wing overs against the setting sun.

By janetfdoss
rdufokker wrote:The top photo was Zac doing wing overs against the setting sun.

Agree with you so far.

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