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By NMERider
GerryP wrote:Has anyone accurately measured their harness pitch (dangle angle)? I'm not sure of the precision of this, but seemed to work as a quick check.

http://gerrypez.tumblr.com/post/1341356 ... und-an-app

Curious if there are other methods?
Interesting topic. The problem here is to determine what exactly is going to be the centerline or your harness. I assume pilots are looking for the orientation that minimizes drag. I would guess that the easiest and most accurate method would be to mount a camera out on a wing and cover the harness with tufts then record the airflow over the harness at various airspeeds and harness angles. I imagine with enough different data points and observations one could capture the angle relative to the riser that yields the smoothest airflow at the overall most useful airspeed.

By using the wi-fi feature on many cameras the pilot could observe the tufts on a call phone or tablet while flying which may help.

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