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Flew my brand new Falcon IV 145 today! I can't express enough how nice it is to have a wing that FITS my weight and stature. My wing and and I are now of the same mind! I no longer feel awkward in a hangglider wing. We are one.

My dealer was able to get ship my wing to interior Alaska for FREE, explain how to reassemble from short pack, test flight, safety check, and assist in my first launch and flight. As he said, the wing responds with lighter inputs, lands faster, and performs better than the Falcon III 170 I've been flying previously. I only have to lean and my wing responds, versus double jabs and leans (and begs) to the left to initiate a turn. I am beyond THRILLED.

I've attached pics of my first flight with my new partner in flight, affectionately named "BB" or "b---- Bird". Hopefully more flights will come before winter sets in with her 40 belows.

Snapshot_168WEB.png (493.17 KiB) Viewed 3372 times
Snapshot_170WEB.png (494.32 KiB) Viewed 3368 times
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By Hoosier_Eagle
Looks great. Nice bright colors.
And as they say, if the wing fits....
Really, though, there is nothing like feeling one with your wing and that beautiful Falcon will give you many years of enjoyment and be safer than an oversized wing.
Happy for you!
:-o :mosh:
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By Windlord
Very nice and congratulations on your new wing. :thumbsup:
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By AlaskanNewb
Now Brian wants one.

Going to have to wait till I can go get it or pay 300.00 to have it yarded all the way up here.

That glider be all you really ever need and carry you well beyond your first 100 hours.

I am jealous.
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By AlaskanNewb
Also I am thinking yellow is the new orange for me. I think it was more visible than any other wing I have seen. Perfect for BSR, Nenana, and Clear.
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By Dave Gills
Looks like a nice runway/LZ

I've always wanted to try getting towed up on skies using a snowmobile.
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