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By mbadley
Went up to Indian Valley to fly with friends and do some work on Camp Clement. Saturday showed lots of haze in the valley from the fires out west, but the ridge had GREAT conditions with cloudbase around 11,500. Lift was smooth and really a joy to thermal in, even if the views weren't all that great. There was a minor amount of cloud suck up near the bottoms, but nothing threatening. Only one of our group bombed out at Tweetens, but landed there uneventfully. Sunday showed clearer skies with no cu's over the mountains and some higher cirrus shearing clouds which promised stronger local winds. Lift was tougher to work with sharp edged thermals - but we could still get up to 11K and later on the valley did its' thing with abundant glass-off conditions.

All in all, I wish the California fires were done with, but it's just not to be for awhile yet.
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By Brian K
Sounds like a great weekend, sad I couldn't make it

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