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By Richard Saffold
2nd row7 Tom Haddon
F-4 was a young girl that was with Pete Brock. Not a competitor.

Ironically Pete's son young son Hall died when his standard rogallo dove into the ground. My brother and I who were flying UP gliders at that time begged Pete to throw some reflex into the keel so make it more pitch stable.

Doesn't matter when you are one of the most experienced and knowledgable pilots of the time when you are 18, too often the adults wouldn't listen, and I saw several go in because of it.
By DHMead
3R7 is Paul Courtney
F13 is Tom Vayda, not Keith
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By Dave Gills
You folks are doing well with that old picture..

For bonus points...Name the dog :mrgreen:
By Yourpictures
Hello, does anyone know who Capt Dave Blood, Blair Andrews, Rolly, Mike Miller, Jim Lee, Rob Kelly, or Marianne??

If so I have found a lot of photos of them and there hang gliding adventures from the 70's & 80's. And there is LOTS OF THEM. I don't want to throw them away so I'm on here trying to find the owner of these photos. I live in Los Angeles. Please feel free to contact me either by text or by phone call at (818) 216-5151. Thanks, Jeff Shaffer
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