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By bendols
Bali Timbis southern region around Bali Cliff, there are cliffs on the shoreline length with a height of 80 m ASL is a nice place to hang gliding flight while enjoying a holiday in Bali.
good wind to fly around the month of July-September
We can fly above Villa and Bali luxury hotel south of the region, let's fly in Timbis Bali Indonesia
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By HangDog
Cool pictures, thanks for posting and Welcome to the org. :mosh: 8)
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By bendols
Thankyou HangDog I still have many good places for hang Gliding in Indonesia I will send the pictures next.
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By BBJCaptain
Great Pix's bendios :thumbsup: Welcome to the Org

Standing by for more pixs :popcorn:
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By bendols
Hi BBJCaptain,

Thankyou I am newbie here, please come to Indonesia we so many good places for hang gliding
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By Windlord
:welcome: bendols
Flying in Indo, never considered it. :crazy: Indo was always the ultimate surf destination. One month in spring and one
month in the fall for about 8 years.
A great location with great people. Someday I hope to return, cause the surf
here sucks.
More flying pics of Indo, when you get the chance. Thanks for joining us. :thumbsup:
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By BBJCaptain
bendols wrote:Hi BBJCaptain,

Thankyou I am newbie here, please come to Indonesia we so many good places for hang gliding
That just may happen bendols :P I fly for the Marina Bay Sands/ Venetian so I may have to just cross the bay next time I am there :thumbsup:
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By Chaqglider
Apa kabar?! Im indonesian but base in Texas, someday ill come back and fly there =) Welcome to hanggliding.org
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By bendols
Great Kabar baik as you know Indonesia have so many beauty place for hang glider let me know if you come back to Indo :thumbsup: ok Bro.....
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By spindrift
Thanks for the pics. Where's a good place to get more information about sites in Bali? Are there any flight schools, or places to rent a glider?
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By bendols
Hello Mathew,

Hang gliding has just Indonesian competition a year ago in Bali, we have no scholl and rent Glider there but we have scholl and rent Glider in Java in this August 2010 we have Indonesian XC championship
in Bali they have Paraglider scholl and you can rent them I can contact my friend there.

By DiarmaidMurphy
I always wanted to go to Bali....this is just one more reason....sigh...
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By Jason

Wish I knew there was a crew there, when I went to Bali in April last year........
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By mgrecol
How much does it cost to rent a glider in Bali? Does anyone have a local HG connection there. I will be going there next year and I would love to get some air.
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By nilesriver2
I'd love to fly there. cool pics!
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