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By BillyTheKid90
Hey Guys and Girls,

I am new to the forum.

I live about 30minutes away from Lookout Flight Park in Trenton, GA. I have been around flying my entire life but have recently wanted to get into Hang Gliders. I am a rather large fellow... 6' 275LBS. It looks like I would end up needing a tandem wing to have the weight capability for me. Is there such a wing for beginners? I have searched around on the inter webs and have found the North Wing Freedom 220, but don't want to get into something that I can't learn and train on.

Thanks for any advice and input!
The New Guy

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By remmoore
The Falcon 225 has long been the standard training/beginner glider for us big pilots. You can get a good used one pretty inexpensively, and it will likely hold it's value until you sell it to the next guy. There are a reasonable number of options for big pilots, on up through the skill levels, but no need to think about that right now.

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By red

Welcome to the sandbox! 8) Be among friends here.

Very similar but stronger than the big Falcon is the Falcon Tandem. It's one more option in the big glider choices. Been flying HG for decades, and lately I bought a Falcon Tandem for myself, on the light days. Nobody ever out-grows a Falcon, but their ego might.

Ask if the HG schools there have the gliders needed for the big guys. Flying a too-small glider can be a busy experience, especially in HG lessons. The right sized glider for you will be much more reasonable, for learning.

Just one old HG instructor to anybody listening, I strongly recommend this "HG ground school," before and even during HG lessons. You can DIY with any reasonably experienced pilot helping with the printout, using any ragged-out old HG.

http://www.hanggliding.org/wiki/Soaring ... imulator_:
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By BillyTheKid90
Thanks for the input. I have emailed the guys at Lookout mountain about how they train with bigger guys. I also checkout the Falcons that were mentioned. I am leaning toward a tandem at this point. It seems that I will be pushing the edge on weight if I go with a smaller wing.
By Roadrunner71
I'm a Pilot who's first Glider was a 225 Wills Wing Falcon. I was weighing oh about 275 Lbs. back then. I had a really good time flying my Falcon. Yes my Falcon did not have much of a Glide, in Fact it's glide sucked. But in a Thermal, It was a Climb monster.

I had a lot of fun flying that Falcon.
By Roadrunner71
Billy: Let Me know when you are interested in getting your second Wing. I will let you know which King-Posted Double Surface Glider "IS THE CHOICE FOR A LARGE PILOT TO GET".
By Landry
I learned on a Falcon 225. Then switched over to a Freedom 190. (hook-in weight up to 290lbs., although I have flown it at 310lbs.) I also now fly a Predator 158. In no way would I recommend a Falcon 225 over a Freedom 190. Get a Freedom and never look back. Further, the Freedom offers a VG option that you can add later, or buy outright. It comes with a VG adjustment on the keel, but NEVER move that! If you want to adjust the VG, then get the VG option at initial purchase, or after the fact. I recommend when purchasing.

The Freedom is a high aspect ratio SS glider. It is an amazing glider compared to a Falcon 225. Not even close. I've not flow other Falcon's, so I cannot comment on experience. I will say, that the Predator 158 with VG off, does not seem to be much more of a handful than flying my Freedom, and it is FAST!
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By BillyTheKid90
Thanks guys for the replies! I have emailed LMFP to see what they do for training for heavier pilots. I am also trying to lose some lbs to be able to take a tandem or two. I am a ways off from getting a glider I just really enjoy doing my research and not go off one persons opinion. (especially when they are the local distributor in my area)
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By red
BillyTheKid90 wrote:
Tue May 29, 2018 9:53 am
I am a ways off from getting a glider I just really enjoy doing my research and not go off one persons opinion. (especially when they are the local distributor in my area)

We have a WINNAH! :thumbsup:

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